Officer at 17?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by onlinebacon, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. Hey,

    Im currently in Lower 6th form, and am 16, predicted all A's, and want to either become an aircrew officer or marines officer. I was wondering, is it possible to join as an officer after the first year of 6th form, considering that with my predicted grades I should end up with 240 UCAS Points plus Duke of Edinburgh.

    The subjects I'm doing are Physics, Electronics, Maths and Geography :)

    So anyone know if it happens often? I saw on the navy site that you have to be 17 years or older to be an officer, so the sooner the better, can't wait to get started :D

    Thanks guys =]

  2. Welcome to RR fella, I dont know the answer but Im sure Ninja or someone will help you out soon.
  3. I don't know the rules on this i'm afraid. But if you leave in lower 6th form that would leave you without complete A-levels, they maybe useful if you need a career post forces. Just a thought!!!!!

    Good luck with what you go for!!!!!! :thumright:
  4. Mate I suspect you can, but as the above post says, stick out the extra year for your A-levels. If your going to have 240 from AS alone then your clearly a very switched on person and would be nuts to walk away now. Besides its only a 9 month wait, and you may be able to begin the app process (which will TAKE MONTHS probably) whilst your taking your exams.

    Anyways, ask Ninja, he will know for sure, and good luck whatever your decision.

  5. Wow thats a well warm welcome :)

    Im just really eager to get out and start helping sorting stuff out, so much shite in this world that needs to be sorted :D

    Thanks for the kind words guys =D

    So the full A levels would help a lot then? Even though I'd be 100 UCAS points over what I need?

    As for careers after, hopefully none, want to stay in the armed forces til i retire, but thats a pretty rash thing to say considerin i'm only 16 :p
  6. At 16 no matter how intelligent you are it will be difficult to sort out all the shite in this world as you put it. In fact your biggest obstacle will be trying to persuade men much older than you that you are a Born Leader
  7. Thats what I thought the problem would be, proving that I can lead people older and wiser than me.

    Although, in the group tasks I do at college and on DoE I always end up being the leader, sorting out what people are doing, and like, co-ordinating them :)

    So I'm right in thinking that the fact that people I may be leading could be 10 years my senior, would go against me?
  8. From that statement i can see your quite intelligent and most likely very mature for your age. So hopefully you can understand that, you may hope for a full career in the forces, but what if you get injured and need a civvi job? Its just thing you'll need to go over in your head. If your happy with yourself doing that then crack on and good luck. It maybe worth speaking to someone at a AFCO.
  9. Yeah stick the A-levels out mate, its all very well wanting a life in the navy, but you never know what will happen that could mean you want/have to leave. The A-levels will give you a good grounding if anything goes pete tong.
  10. Heh, guess it would be a good idea to stick em out then, considering you guys know how things work :D

    My A level subjects should be alright, right, for being an officer?
  11. Well your taking geography so you'll be able to understand maps. For this you maybe seen as an outsider amongst the officer class though.
  12. You need full A-Levels, and 140 UCAS points, subjects are as far as I am aware not taken into account (except General Studies).

    They all sound like good subjects, so as long as you get 140 UCAS points (not exactly difficult) you now only need to meet the hurdle of the AIB. Your Duke of Edinburgh's experience will be worth its value in gold there, as well as any other team experience and leadership things you have done.

    Read the AIB thread, and get your full A-Levels.

    Also ensure you do learn to read a map, just annoy those like foot_in_mouth! Mind I thought the Navy used Charts?
  13. Ha :p

    I'm not really worried about being a map outsider :p as long as i can get the lads im commanding back home safe it's all good =D
  14. The leadership task which you are currently been given probably involve those people of a similar age.
    Now think.
    You have two years in the RN you are now a Sub Lt aged 19
    Your task is to take a group of sailors on patrol and quell a small riot.
    The party you are leading consists of
    One CPO aged 45
    One PO aged 35
    One LH aged 37 (pissed off because by now he should be a PO)
    Four ratings consisting of
    One 17 year old on his first ship
    Two 25 year old irresponsible men (the ships idiots)
    One 30 year old mature sailor

    What do you do?
  15. Yeah thats the exact problem, it would be almost like I'm leading my Dad :s

    I think, by reasoning, I would have to try and treat people according to their rank, not age, as well as actually getting them to do what I tell them, even though I may not be even half their age?

    So this would be how I approach it.

    I would get the 30 year old mature sailor to help the 17 year old, seeing as it's there first ship and all, make sure they know the right things, and generally get the more experienced lad to help him out if he needs it, no need to throw the young lad in deep when he could probably benefit from being taught rather then thrown in the deep end.

    The two 25 year olds, being the ship idiots would probably try and ignore what I'm saying, considering I'm their junior by 6 years, I would have to sort them out, not sure how, but make sure they know their place, while not being a complete and utter prick. Would attatch them to the CPO, being an older guy could probably help sort those two out.

    I would have the mature 30 year old, and the 17 year old, be attached (not literally :\) to the LH and PO, so the younger one could benefit from the PO and LH's experience.

    I think that would be the right way to approach it?

    Or am I missing something :p?
  16. Complete your a-levels join up at the 18 you will get more benefit from joining up after 18
  17. wrong! I imagine you decide you dont really fancy wasting an afternoon prattling about with some little riot, promptly find your nearest pub and bravely lead your heroic sailors into a fearsome piss up. :thanks:
  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Onlinebacon: Inspire us by your leadership, don't just order us to follow, hoping that we'll subserviently do as you say because you have a different rank to us...

    And I agree with previous comments about 6th Form; join once you have completed your academic qualifications. I joined at 16 rather than complete my 'A' Levels, and regretted for years. Good luck though.
  19. Nice thoughts, but don't forget micro-managing can be the biggest mistake an Officer can make.

    In this case rely on the CPO to do his job and sort out the lads, listen to his advice (he will appreciate you are still learning) and if he his worth his salt you should be able to rely on him. The key though is responsibility - you have the final decision, and the buck stops there......
  20. Haha, Chief will buy, occifers don't carry cash :thumright:

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