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Just a quick question, regarding applying as an officer, apologies if this has been answered elsewhere! I have completed and returned my application forms, applying as a warfare officer, and got a letter back from the Admiralty Interview Board a while ago later saying my application had been recieved and that when they have confirmed I am eligible for my choosen specialisation they will be writing to me again. How long does this normally take, and can I do anything to speed the process up, or is it just a case of waiting?


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Best bet is contact your Careers Office & ask for an appointment to see your Officer Careers Liaison Officer.

Timescales are dependent on your particular trade & state of preparedness. He/She will give you a much more accurate indication than anybody else.

Good luck!


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Ok cheers, thats a bit tricky at the mo though, as I'm from Leicestershire but am up on the Scottish borders with work until the middle of next month. Will give them a ring and see what they say!


Don't worry to much at this point your next letter should be the AIB pack. Containing your date and some more forms that you need to send back. My AIB date came through fairly fast within a week or two. Not sure you can speed the process up though. Good luck JW


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Blimey, thats quick, well the letter i got saying they had recieved my application was dated 27th July, thats why I was wondering if it normally takes this long, or if I should chase them up - maybe its because I've not been available since the beginning of July and won't be available until the beginning of October - I can't have any time off work during the summer.