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When it says career preference, it gives an example of DGE Warfare officer or something like that. I searched it and found out it meant direct graduate entry, or words to that effect - after university. What prefix do I use for entering straight from 6th form, without a degree? I consulted Google, and it brought me to some thread here which suggested using NCE. Is this correct? I guess it doesn't matter too much, as my qualifications can speak for themselves.

Preferred entry date as well - it's have to be 2 years at the minimum for me anyway, so 1/8/2018 should do.

As for the other questions about being an officer ... having only had a relatively short time existing, there's not exactly a great deal to put down. I think I can get something for everything, but they may be "weak" answers - will this prevent me from getting a sift interview if I don't have much to show off? I think it's Ninja that's an AFCO - would a short, rather unimpressive collection of answers definitely stop you from considering going to a sift interview?

I have my psychometric test in 2 weeks, will I need to bring this document? There's all the 10 listed ones, but no mention of the officer applicant questionnaire. Or the letter, so I assume I definitely don't, but I don't want to get it wrong!

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Correct. Non grads join as Naval College Entry.

The tip with the OAQ is fill it with examples, however weak you may view them. A blank form does not bode well. Take your time, talk to your family, there will be more examples than perhaps you originally thought - remember this is a job application. Sell it.


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Ooh, my research was right!

Yeah, I'd never leave it blank, but that makes me hopeful - I'm sure my parents can help jog my memory, and remember what I can't.

Just worried I can't get enough compared to older applicants who have had more opportunity and time to do more this, and that they'll outshine me.

It's annoyingly hard to cut those answers down to 1000 characters without losing too much content.
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