Officer Applicant Questionnaire (OAQ)


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Hi just a quick question,

On the OAQ it states 'This information will be used as a basis for questioning at your interview', I was wondering if this refers to the SIFT interview or the AIB interview. I have been informed that it is only used at the SIFT interview however I wish to double check this information because it has been such a long time since I filled in this form that I feel I have a lot more information I can add.

Thanks for any answers.


From my experience it was only relevant during the SIFT interview. I can't vouch for other candidates but at the beginning of my AIB interview I was told that they didn't have any previous information about me in detail, as they wanted to base their decision solely on how I performed at the AIB.

Don't worry though either way as you can always elaborate on what you put down during the interview.

(NB. I had my AIB in January; SIFT was last October/November.)

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The OAQ is used throughout and is the critical factor from the outset in determining your suitability.

From the initial Officer candidate interview, immediately post Recruiting Test, it's the bit of paper that helps determine whether an underscoring candidate warrants discretionary waivers in order to be processed or counselled to consider alternative career paths.

The quality and range of the OAQ is immense & the advice is to get it right first time. In the event you scrawled it on the bus on the way to the recruit test, speak to your AFCO about submitting a better one.