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Offered role as AET - Opportunities to travel



Last week I was given my start date (April 2015) to begin my career as an AET in RN, which I'm very happy about. However, I do have a few concerns about the kind of travel opportunities, or lack of, that this particular role brings to the table. I have seen on other posts that AET's quite notoriously have very little sea time and was wondering if they still get to travel much to other countries in an onshore capacity?
I don't mind how I travel (sea or ashore) but I would like the opportunities as frequently as possible.
I apologise if this has been touched on before but many of the existing threads seemed quite dated or only mentioned 'sea time', my primary reason for joining is the travel opportunities and would hate to miss out!

I spent more time detached than embarked. I travelled all over Europe, America and the Far East.

Including two trips to the Stan

If you get on the JSF squadrons you will travel.

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You have been offered a position in Gods chosen branch and you have to think about it?:(
Wafus are at the top of the tree, just above submariners:D
You will get great training and when you eventually leave can transfer your skills to many engineering disciplines not just aviation:)


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One thing to bear in mind is if you are drafted to a ship or your squadron is on a ship, you don't pay food and accommodation charges. If you are living on an air station, you will pay for food and accommodation.


Thanks for that guys! Can't wait to get started and I'm so happy for the opportunity! I guess it's the same as most things in life, it is what you make it! Thanks again! :)
One thing to bear in mind is if you are drafted to a ship or your squadron is on a ship, you don't pay food and accommodation charges. If you are living on an air station, you will pay for food and accommodation.

Do you pay food charges on a ship along side at home port? Accom is free.

The squadron is not normally embarked when along side in the UK.

Plus you get "off air station Pay when at sea", don't tell them nasty fisheads though

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