Offered Copy of "Notes on the handling of Type 14 frigates"

Discussion in 'History' started by airborne_artist, Dec 6, 2009.

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  1. My old Dad was skipper of HMS Hardy in his youth, and in going through his stuff (went to the great bridge in the sky in 2003) I found this interesting document.

    Perfect Christmas present for any fan of the class!

    PM me and I'll post it to you.
  2. Why don't you upload it to the gallery and we can all share it?
  3. Please upload...
  4. And send the original to the Naval Historical Branch. That way we get to keep the 'flame' alive!
  5. Have PMd you.
  6. Like being in a washing machine. Served On Hardy and Keppel. :thumbup:
  7. Re: Offered Copy of "Notes on the handling of Type 14 frigat

    It's about 40 sides of A4! Address for the Historical Branch?
  8. Re: Offered Copy of "Notes on the handling of Type 14 frigat

    Naval Historical Branch
    Admiralty Library,
    Naval Historical Branch (Naval Staff),
    No 24 Store (pp 20),
    Main Road,
    HM Naval Base Portsmouth,
    PO1 3LU.
    Tel: 023 92 724327 or 725300
    Fax: 023 92 724003
  9. Hi Johne - Portland Squadron?

    On ‘UNWANTED’ F53 (Type 15 Capt F7 '63/64 ) and when in company/roughers we were fairly steady but those poor Type 14s were rolling about so much we could see their prop out of the water half of the time….

    (Legend had it that they rolled so much that their stokers kept falling out of their funnels!)

    Allegedly on “Home Sea Service†but went even as far afield as Gib & Malta and operated off Alexandria: Smelled it - but we didn’t get a run ashore there.

  10. They rolled so much a P/O stoker came out of the boiler room and straght over the side.
    We searched all night. Poor soul was never seen again.Yes 2nd frigate squadron.
    day running out of Portland with Dundas and Exmouth. 8O
  11. Re: Offered Copy of "Notes on the handling of Type 14 frigat

    Not a dit

    Probably 1966'ish

    Have stood a watch in the boiler room of Russell, wearing oilskins
    We had to wipe the crusted salt from the boiler panel gauges
    (There was a split somewhere in the uptakes that allowed the oggin in)

    We also lost the mast in roughers in the Irish Sea....Hermes was reported to have lost a boat or two in the same seas

    I used to have dreams about capsizing after serving on that tumble washer

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