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Offer of employment

Chief Chimp

So Son has a start date at Raleigh, is this considered as an offer of employment?

To clarify if he had another job would this be considered enough for him to terminate his employment with current employer.

Deleted 28451

I put my notice in at work as soon as I received a start date. Has he had an official letter yet? That would be the offer if employment I think. How long until his start date?


@Chief Chimp has your son completed his PRNC yet?

As the PRNC is considered a pass/fail exercise, I’d wait until your son passes his PRNC before handing in notice at current job.

Just my personal opinion.

As failure at PRNC can delay Raleigh entry date by up to three months. (According to my nephews official letter, re PRNC).

My nephew has his PRNC date in December, and Raleigh entry in February next year.

Hope this helps.


@Chief Chimp

I’d wait until your son passes his PRNC in March next year, before handing in notice at current job.

As there are elements of the PRNC course which are pass/fail. Failure to successfully pass PRNC can delay Raleigh start date for 3 months or so.

Once he passes PRNC, they’ll be nothing to prevent his Raleigh start date.

Just my personal opinion, hope this helps.


Not everyone does the prnc... by son and another recruit have the same start date at Raleigh but neither have done prnc, my boy was told because from application to stating Raleigh was only 4 months so not enough time, however the other guy applied 18 months ago yet still no prnc...?



Yeah I think I read somewhere that the RN are trialling the idea of not giving some recruits a PRNC, to see if it’s worth putting them straight to Raleigh.

@Chief Chimp comment above says his son has a PRNC date of March ‘20.

Good luck to your son. My nephew starts Raleigh in Feb ‘20 and has his PRNC in December this year.

Hope this helps.
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