Off to Raleigh


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Hi all,

Well my bag is (mostly) packed and I'm all set for Sunday morning.

I'm having a family BBQ tomorrow and friends are dragging me out on Saturday night for the send-off so I probably wont get a much chance to post here again before Sunday.

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the useful threads on RR, they've definitely made the recruitment process a little bit easier and I know lot more of what to expect after Raleigh too. Special thanks to Ninja for his time answering my many questions! I'm hoping update my blog the moment I have some spare time to visit the internet café (link in signature).

Jord, Nicky, Matt + others - see you on Sunday!

Hi mate.

Good luck and give em hell!

Remember, Raleigh is meant to be a bastard and it's not the Royal Navy (So I've been told :dwarf: )

Oh and you might want to stick to spring water on that send-off !!

Crack on mate!
Good luck, keep your head down and try and enjoy your time. Remember the staff ain't picking on you when shouting, it's all part of the 'Raleigh Spirit'.

Let us know how you get on xx


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Good luck Chris,

Just remember if anyone at Raleigh shouts at you, they're only taking it out on you because they married an ugly partner. :thumright:

(Probably best not to tell them that though)

Enjoy it & let us know how you're getting on when you get a moment!
Likewise - i'll be joining Chris in Raleigh this weekend. Choose to have my leaving do last weekend and it was messy!! My rugby team all dressed up as sailors- brilliant!!
Just want to say thanks to everyone one here - for all of their help and advice. Last time i'll be online before i go.
Still nervous but really f*&king excited!!

Nicky xx


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Good Luck Nicky,

Hope you enjoy it- most people on here will/are/did or wished they had.(delete as applicable)

Keep us posted when you can!


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Thanks guys, will endeavor to update as soon as I can at Raleigh!

I'm gonna be so fecked on Sunday with late nights tonight and tomorrow, oh well - it'll be worth it.

See you on Sunday Nicky!

edit: spelling (sorry, was the Guinness).
Heyyyy Chris joinin same time as ya m8 so hopefully see ya soon n ouch ya gonna be feked with that weekend lol did mind last week ha . see ya soon m8
Best of luck & try and enjoy it , did mine in 71 when it was all wooden huts , bit different now , you will look back and smile . :salut: :thumright:
I agree with pepperband.

Why people feel the need to type in text-speak when they have a keyboard in front of them, I'll never know.

I would say it takes micro-seconds extra to type normally, but it seems to actually take me longer when I try and type in text speak.

Anyway, good luck mate, give it your all.

p.s. Anyone like my new avatar? Big Boss FTW.


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Morning guys, just closing down the PC for the last time, thought I'd pop on. Just off to the station shortly, will be at Torpoint by 5. Feeling okay at the moment but get rather nervous thinking about arriving in Plymouth and "greeted" by "uniformed personnel" before being whisked off to Raleigh itself.

Anyway, better go, good luck to everyone else.


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