Off to Orlando in April

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Joint_Force_Harrier, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. I'm on Hols in Orlando in April, anyone know if you can still get into Seaworld etc free on your ID card? also has anybody used Shades of Green (US millitary Hotel) to get tickets etc?
  2. Didnt know you could get freebies here, as I somehow sort of ermmmmm still got my ID card... oops.

    Bloody cold here today, 37 in whorelando.......But in April will be low 80's.

    If I can be of help, im us

  3. As far as I know you can still get into any Anheimer/Busch owned park i.e Sea World / Busch Gardens on your ID card - pity some UK facilities don't show a similar level of recognition of the effort of the armed forces.
  4. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Yes you can but in Seaworld/Busch gardens they scan in your ID so that you can only go to one or the other. That said we did both and it wasn't flagged.

    You get decent other discounts to the Disney franchises too!
  5. The Americans love their Service personnel and they love anyone who is classed as an Ally. Any time I've been there they have been extremely accommodating and you get freebies and discounts in all sorts of places. Many will display signs saying as much so you definitely need to take your ID (assuming you are legally allowed to take it out of the UK).

  6. Mine's been all over the world with me!
    Last time I was at Seaworld there was a separate queue for service personnel.
    Have a good holiday.
  7. I am going to savannah georgia for the new year i got myself a us military travel book so i will get a few px runs in ,you cannot beat the land of the big hotdog ,now for the pound to rise against the dollar :thumright:
  8. Tell me about it, bloody glad we sent some funds out here 6 months ago and bought a couple of rentals, now at 1.45 to $1 its not cheap as chips any more for you "Brits". But when we go "home" big savings for us
  9. JFH...went to Orlando in September and got into SeaWorld with the better half for free.

    You need to print off a voucher and fill it in before you get there from this website (below)....I did see something that said it was only for a limited time so not sure it will still be on when you get there...see following website..!

    Here's To The Heroes

    If you end up in Seaworld at the Shamu stadium for the killer whale show they ask service personnel at the start to stand up (both US and UK) and you then get a standing ovation from 8000 people...quite an experience...can you imagine getting that over here...Im no war hero but makes you feel proud as f**k shame I had to go half way round the world to another country to get it!

    Always ask for a military discount you get them where ever you go, shopping, hotels, restaurants and car hire.

    I contacted the USO (US equivalent of the NAAFI/SSAFA) in Jacksonville Florida and spoke to a retired US Navy Chief who provided excellent information on discounts and places to go.!!

    I left it a bit late and wasnt able to get discounted tickets for disney but as you have a bit more time you can probably get it organised.

    Hope this helps..happy hols!!


  10. "Active" duty anmd the voucher is valid til end of the yr.

    Always, always ask if they have a senior/junior/one leg/service/, everywhere here. Most companies do have some sort of discount...ASK
  11. Went to the Big Apple-New York last year. Before i went, i emailed the USO there and explained i was coming over for a short trip. Even though i've left the services, they were still really helpful.

    As long as you bring some sort of discharge paperwork,proving your time in the forces they'l give you discount for all sorts of things.

    Damn sight better response than what we get over here..!

  12. You are going to Florida at possibly the best time of the year, weather wise. None of the oppressive heat of summer.
    Enjoy yourself.
  13. "Bump"

    Any one got anymore news on theme park entry etc.

    "Happy New Year"
  14. It`s not just theme parks, ask for military discount on car hire and hotel rooms. I joined a us website called military connections and you can get more info off there. I left the navy in 1989 and just use the reserve card I had issued, that is enough.

  15. Is that just US military? I still happen to have some sort of ID!!!!
  16. Oppressive heat.............was a nice 75 yesterday by the pool
  17. but itsa feckin only 50 today, thats what 10 in new money, Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  18. Bump

    Anyone got anymore info?

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