Off to meet Blobs +

Dont know about the interiew yet bergs, I've phoned but no answer, I guess he's driving. I'll let you know if I hear anything.

......didn't need beer goggles, shaggys going to have to spill the beans on what happened next....
wet_blobby said:
Dont get me wrong rosy, I dearly love Mrs Blobby and the blobbettes, but a six foot pole dancer.......... :crying:

Let me list what might be wrong with a 6 foot pole dancer who would shag on a first date:-

1. She would not respect you in the morning
2. She could have a nasty disease brought on by shagging too many strange booties
3. She does not know just how you like dressing up in that French maid's outfit
4. She does not know how you like your bacon sarnies in the morning.
Good points rosy, I shall answer them for you.

1. before or after the "one for the road"?
2. fair one.
3. I have two.
4. As long as she likes her eggs fertilised.