Off to Jockland for a week

Right then, as it says, I'm off to the land of nuclear deterrent, haggis, porridge and deep fried Mars bars for a week. Not a holiday, but a duty trip.

So, do any of you lot want a rabbit bought back? If so, what and why? As I'll be in the Burg, all your old favourites should be available!

PS - Nance has passed on!

This is a virtual list. I am a Jock. Do not imagine I would actually buy any of you anything!!
Knowing Helensburgh, I'll get wet every day! But that sounds like a plan! I'll have to see what happens when I arrive, as I said it is a duty trip (except for Wednesday - SWMBO is taking me diversity training - going to see Priscilla, Queen of the desert!). So subject to a decent WiFi signal, I'll pm you.

Haven't been a guest in the bunrun in Faslavatory for years...........!

So, Imps and haggis supper, or the Drovers and haggis and mash?
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