Off to Ghana...cause it's not hot enough here!

Discussion in 'Travel & The Great Outdoors' started by MaiBelle, Jul 15, 2013.

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  1. So I'm off to Ghana in a few weeks time to do some med aid work and some sight seeing...has anyone been there or to similar African countries and if so have you any travel advice? What to bring and what to avoid?

    Thanks :)
  2. Jungle Formula Mossie repellant! Don't eat anything that can't be washed ... and don't drink anything but bottled water that has a seal intact ... or contains a high degree of alcohol!
  3. Does this mean washing (inc hand washing) in bottled/boiled water too?
  4. Don't use ice unless you've frozen it yourself from bottled water, clean your teef with bottled water, and yes, wash your mits with bottled water. if you scratch yourself, clean the scratch with bottled water. Take something like Imodium in case you get the runs, you may be far from a loo when you need it the most.
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  5. One of my best friends is from Ghana, MB. I'll be having dinner with her on Wednesday and will ask her your question.

    Where are you going and for how long?
  6. Thanks Soleil that would be really helpful. I'm flying into Accra then going to Twifo Praso primarily, and visiting a national park in the north of the country. I'm out there for a couple of weeks. Can you also ask if it's possible to buy currency in the UK or if it can only be purchased in Ghana? :)
  7. I must visit Boots and stock up...I think I'll need to half fill my bag with loo paper :blank:
  8. Nah ... you'd be OK with soap and water ... liquid soap ... not the bar left on the sink but as Wrecks says ... bottled water to clean your teeth. Take some hand sanitizer with you and use it after handling everything especially money! Basically Typhiod is water bourne so be religious on water hygiene i.e. bottled water for pretty well everything and make sure the seal on the bottle is intact. Food needs to be washed and cooked ... be wary of salads / fruit you can't peel

    How long you going for??? Malaria prophilaxis is a must! have a look at Health Information for Travelers to Ghana - Traveler view | Travelers' Health | CDC American site but some good travel advice there. Need to make sure you are up to date with travel vaccinations including Yellow Fever and if you are out in the boondocks ... Rabies. Be warned .. the GP's charge you for them so if the organisation is paying for them all well and good. Use a mossie net at night and don;t miss taking the tablets - start before you go and continue after you get back ( the packet will tell you how long for)

    A decent sun block / after sun ... Sun Care Central 100 % Natural Sun Protection, Sun Lotion and Skin Care Products found this stuff in Hawaii and its brill ... its not cheap but you can get it mail order (eurozone) but you need the sunscreen, aftersun and the recovery gel! Keep the recovery gel in the fridge (assuming you have one) and may be worth getting some immodium and a personal first aid kit.

    Edited to add: You beat me to that one Wrecks!
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  9. I've had my yellow fever, plus 3 doses of Rabies (£60 a shot - ouch), Cholera, Hep A, Typhoid, Meningococcal Meningitis, and a Diphtheria/tetanus/polio booster. I've had all my Heb B boosters already. I'm going to be on Mararone for Malaria.

    I understand the government make printed pouches with sterile water in. Are the filter bottles I've heard of any good? I believed that any water could be used and it could be drank due to the filter...

    Sun cream is an absolute must as I burn very quickly. It's monsoon season in August but still v hot!

    I'm off for 2 weeks...if I'm not back by the end of August send a search party ;)
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  10. Theres a bit about the water pouches on the Trip Advisor site ... need to be careful with them. Highly recommend the Sun Care Central sun cream ... t'other half got burned snorkelling in Hawaii and the dive shop gave her some of the recovery gel straight from the fridge ... took the burn out straight away ... enough for her to jump in a hot bath! Expensive but it works really well and far removed from the Nivea/Piz Bruin crap they sell here!

    Malerone is OK .. at least I found it to be when I was in Africa ... didn't get any side effect which Larium is noted for. Not sure if it would cure Malaria tho ... I personally wouldn't risk it ... make sure you wear long sleeves and trousers in the evening and use mossie repellant / mossie nets.
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  11. The suncream looks good, I'll go for the spf 30 to be on the safe side and some of the gel. I'm not sure if I'll have access to a fridge (though it's possible as we'll need one for the chilled drugs) but I'm sure even non-cooled it's better than leaving the burnt skin.
  12. As mentioned before it is IMPERATIVE you take anti malarial drugs AND remember to continue the course AFTER your return. Many have forgotten this or take the drugs sporadically during their time there and suffer the consequences.
    Have fun!
  13. As a total package its excellent! Er Indoors swears by it since she first was introduced to it ... sun cream during the day and uses the "aftersun" as a moisturiser! The gel works if whether its chilled or not! Think last time we ordered any we had it within a week but it does have to come from Europe somewhere (Holland I think).
  14. The contact number is for Spain, not sure exactly where their office is though.
  15. I went to Ghana in '65..... Accra and probs at all, mind you I always ate on board before going ashore on the piss. No probs with the heat....(I was a roughy toughy sailor and done a stint out the FES after all) Best bit was when we left Accra, I was preparing the bridge for sea when this 7' 10" Ghanain bloke in a bulging suit came in and started looking behind the fan trunking and under consoles, next thing six big black limos arrive on the jetty and out of the fourth one a bloke in a chairman Mao jacket was Kwame Nkrumah, the President/Dictator/Despot (delete as applic) of Ghana. We took him, and his entourage for a little trip out to sea for a display of Royal Naval might and power. We fired a few guns and dropped a few A/S mortars to impress. The highlight for me as a young bunting was when he came on to my flagdeck and said 'good morning' to me, (at least I think it was good morning....could've been fcuk off capitalist white trash for all I know) then one of his goons stood on my sandaled foot...B*stard.
    Apart from that, I enjoyed Ghana......but I wouldn't want to live there. :glasses7:
  16. I also went to Ghana in 65 with the Dartmouth squadron.I am sure it was in Takoradi, that myself and a leading hand set up the ships projector on piece of waste ground to show some of the locals a film, plus Tom and jerry, which was very much appreciated by all, especially us two being fed bottles of beer all night.
  17. I was on Tenby, DTS.....spring cruise 1965.....a million years ago.
  18. I trust Fred Quimby got a mensh?
  19. I flew out to join Argyll( 2 days in a Hercules) in 02 (I think) . Spend all day in the Ghanaian embassy prior to flying. That was fun..not.
    Cant remember too much about Accra as I spent most of the 4 days alongside leathered. I'm sure it was sunny :)

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