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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by higthepig, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. This should really be in Current Affairs, but its off track as some of the posts in there are, The HRH one for instance. It appears to me that although AAC gets up my nose as well at times with his pink and fluffy attitude, there are worse.

    Type 42 stoker who is also of that persuation and in my view worse, I quote from one of his posts

    we rely on our straight brethern to provide us with more of "us")

    Is he a closet Kiddie Fiddler wanting children to be like him?

    Although not in the same league, and I grew up in a different age where morals mattered, i find it a little perturbing that a signature of an about to be unmarried Mother doing a countdown to the birth, and yes you can all descend on me now like a ton of shite, but I am entitled to my opinion.

    This is a site i take it for everybody, and to moan aboul Old Salts not knowing whats going on, people who have not been in and giving advice, and civvies gobbing of about whatever takes their fancy, there are no comments on those who weren`t in a dogwatch yet gob off with all the experience of the Ancient Mariner.

    My Royal Navy has gone down the drain, My Country has gone down the drain, and as for the morals of this once Great Nation, just keep up to speed with the News and the Politics.

    And now the fires from will descend, have a nice day.
  2. Hig
    Please remember that you once shagged a French bird. If you can do that then you can rise above anything the MODs have to throw at RR members.

    And of course we have Diamond Lills, the forum for all (including the gang of four, or should it now be 44?)
  3. Yes Slim, but to my eternal shame I admitted it (yes I know that I shall burn in hell)
  4. In this day and age there is nothing new in an unmarried lady having children. My daughter (divorced) had an illigitimate child 18 months ago. She took maternity leave and returned to work. I have no problems with single women having as many children as THEY can afford to maintain.
    I do have problems with being forced through taxation to maintain children of those who do not work.
  5. I will join you there for a wee dram and a pint of the black stuff.
  6. No Slim I agree with you about unmarried mothers, the point i was trying to make is that the thread is now appearing on other threads as the coming of the Messiah.
  7. No Hig it wasn't the coming of the Messiah, I think a different geezer was involved.
  8. Just a little thought Hig, what about the unmarried fathers? do they not equally desrve your ire, after all it takes two, or are you unreconstructed enough to believe it is every red blooded young mans right.
  9. Time that the unmarried father took responsibility for his part in the action. However we are increasingly reading about young fathers who have sired several children with different girls. These fathers are often on benefits and workshy. How do we tackle this problem? Personally I would neuter him.

    Spelling mistake edited curtosy of Maxi. :)
  10. Personaly I would suggest neutering, but then I escaped from Wokingham nearly 20 years ago
  11. Your right Hig, you are entitled to your opinion! By the way, which future mother on another thread would you be talking about?????? You grew up in an age where morals mattered did you?? I was brought up by my parents to wish people the very best, and to wish them luck for their future familys health. Single parents, both mothers and fathers, whether they are single through choice, divorce or widowed have my upmost respect!!! It is a harder way to live Higs. I realize there is a huge unmarried mothers/benefits arguement here, and I am sure there would be some common ideas in our opinions. But not all unmarried mothers/fathers can be placed in that catagory. And no I am not unmarried, nor do I have any childen; sometimes the reverse can be just as hard.
    Bloody hell, my rant over!! :lol: Getting serious in Diamond Lils is making me a little queasy :p
  12. It certainly is Pinta, flak was expected and willingly taken, and although my opinions dont matter to you they do to me, of course i wish her well and the child, but i stick by my opinion, yours is just as valid. As i said, " although not in the same league" The forthcoming birth seems to be the problem, no remarks about the Gay chappie tho? so thats alright then.
  13. Escaped Peter. I only managed to break in 21 years ago, escaped from a village in Wiltshire. Unfortunately the property prices here meant that all my naval gratuity was swallowed up and my mortgage increased dramatically. However in the time I have lived here I have grown to like the place.
  14. Over to you Steve, since quite obviously that is why this 'Off the track' thread was created for in the first place? :? Happy fishing higs!!!
  15. If you want to drive a car you have to pass a test …if you want to work on gas you have to pass a test and if you want to navigate a ship or fly a plane you have to pass a test….this is because all these things carry with them a burden of responsibility …..yet one of the biggest burdens of responsibility in life is to have children but anyone can do it ….on a whim or just because they get a bit broody…or well pissed on a Friday night.
    As for the old hack that in the old days there was a more moral society ….I remember when I joined the mob at age 15 there were 3 in our recruitment that were paying child maintenance …. there was plenty of work about but it was hard for little money….girls were getting pregnant just as now …even more so as there was no pill ……and many a child was brought up by it’s grandparents just as now…as for street mobs…what about the Mods and Rockers.
    Today I think society is a lot more advanced socially and morally …I mean, which is more moral, to penalise a young girl for being single mum or offer her help

    14 years ago my daughter came home and announced she was pregnant……shock horror all eyes turned to me as head of the family for a decision……..Now I knew many friends and neighbours whose daughters had used abortion …some more than once…. but I told her she must have the baby.
    Her son (my grandchild) now as well as being a high achiever with a pleasing attitude is also a keen sportsman who plays soccer for Warwickshire, his school and a local team.
    My daughter meantime went back to university on a scheme for unmarried mothers and qualified as a carer and now works for a charity…..she met her partner who also works as a carer and between them they had made a good life for themselves and their two kids.

    I wish the dabber every success with her pregnancy and her brave decision to have the baby…..I hope she returns to have it in this country so she can get the best of treatment and aftercare…and if she has to sign on the dole for a couple of years so what?..... that`s what its there for….
  16. Sorry to disagree UA
    The dole was designed to support people out of work short periods of time. It was not designed to do what it does today. become a lifestyle choice for girls who wish to have sprogs.
  17. Aussie, I wasn't going to speak, for fear of being severely mauled, but as you have suggested I ought, I suppose I ought!

    Are you sure about that? :?

    Dear, dear me Higgy. He was, I think, being tongue-in-cheek. :roll:

    You most certainly are entitled to your opinions, and it will be a very sad day should that ever disappear. I tend towards sharing Slim's opinion: absent dad's should take responsibility and the taxpayer should bear no liability for the recklessness of parents who cannot support their children. However, the alternative is punishing the children for the errors of their parents (by labelling them illegitimate and curtailing their rights as innocents - something I thought was very unjust back when I was still a Christian), and that is the greater evil.

    I've never seen a dog wearing a watch, let alone been in/on one. :wink:

    How did you know I was the Ancient Mariner's understudy? :oops:

    Ah, the morals issue. I think you'd really enjoy reading Geoffrey Pearson's book: Hooligan: A History of Respectable Fears, which looks at the history of moral panics throughout the ages.

    Why do people always moan about Hell? All those real fires, central heating, al fresco cooking and a varied if protein and fat rich diet. As others have said here Hig: Don't knock it till you've tried it! :twisted:
  18. Slim …. Of course you are right that is what it was supposed to do in the “good old days†but it was found lacking so it was upgraded …I believe that to be a good move …..
  19. If you call upgrading a service into something which gives the workshy more money to sit on their bums than work then it has been upgraded.
    If you call upgrading a service which has effectively given pensioners (I am not a pensioner) who have worked all their lives and paid their taxes a lower percentage of the average wage than ever before, it has been upgraded.
  20. Talking to you is like reading the Daily Mail…..perhaps you should lift your head and look around you …….

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