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Discussion in 'Travel & The Great Outdoors' started by MG Maniac, Mar 8, 2013.

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  1. Well "Er Indoors" decided she's had enough of the Great British Winter / her Mother (perm any one from two)and wants some winter sunshine so Tuesday we are off to Sharm for a week to play with the ragheads!

    So looking forward to a weekend of packing / unpacking / repacking and visits to Bank for clebbies ... chemists for anti-crap pills / sunscreen / hand sanitiser! Haven't got a scooby where the dive mask / snorkels have been put away ... probably up in the attic in some dusty box and I don't really feel like spending the weekend up there trying to find 'em only to find that the rubber has perished so will probably end up renting them from the hotel dive shack.

    Not intending to do a geat deal ... lounge by the pool drinking ... jump into the ogin to see if any [email protected] has found Nemo ... tip up at the alloted times for scran and thats about it. However no doubt SWMBO will have ideas such as getting me on the back of some flea bitten camel ... nasty horrible spitting things!

    However has anyone been there and any ideas of "must do's" or "must go to's" ???? Cos other than dunking oneself in the Red Sea snorkelling / diving and or wanging around on a Quad bike thats about all I've found to do (perhaps thats it!) ... so long as it doesn't involve me going anywhere near any smelly flea bitten camels!
  2. Never been mate but have a good un.
  3. Sharm = Benidorm with a more shitty smell in the air.
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  4. Wouldn't do a balloon flight just yet!!
  5. Cheers for that Monty .... camels perchance??????????? =D
  6. Grandad went there a few times........didn't hang around, just dropped off a few things and came home, usually at night.
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  7. Not too bad have a Berlin guide book ( post Flagdecks Granddads visit) if required

  8. Munich's brilliant mate. Absolutely loads to do and see, friendly place too.
  9. Apart from pusser's holidays to Hamburg and Bremerhaven I've been once to Berchtesgaden for a week, did the Eagles Nest, Saltzburg etc.

    Scran was excellent, beer was excellent and if you like the big outdoors the scenery is stunning. In a lot of ways it's like stepping back in time with the little villages etc,

    Locals still wear traditional dress to go to church on Sunday (Bavaria shuts down on a Sunday). It's got a very conservative traditional feel to it so don't mention the war!
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  10. I basically agree with what you say (the clock in the square is brilliant) but it is shite 'cos my sister lives there and we don't get on!
  11. MG - you must, no, really, you MUST grab yourself a 'try dive' and see all the pretty Nemos up close and personal! However, if you get to close to Nemo, he will attack his reflection in your mask! But as he'll only be about 2 inches long, it ain't a problem!

    For you cultural pygmies that don't know, Nemo is/was a Clownfish. They live in anenomes and are very territorial. And pretty.

    PS Do NOT touch the Lionfish..............
  12. MG. Don't touch the Lion fish as there are lots of them. Very venomous.
    Watch your wallet as they are vey good at lifting it and as been said by Monty it smells.
  13. wal

    wal Badgeman

    The Red Sea has lots of sharky things.
  14. Sharks are *******. Fact.
  15. But he says he lives in the frozen North, or does his family live in Egypt?
  16. Try Munchen the Germans in general have never heard of Munich.
  17. We're not German and this is an English language messageboard, it's Munich.
  18. In that case hope youve got an English Satnav.

    Munich Beer Festival ?????????????


    Aah! Munchen.
  19. I have dived extensively and NEVER seen a Lionfish 'lift a wallet' - anywhere!

    (Monty's wallet smells?)
  20. Or you could just get on a plane to Munich as listed on Lufthansa's website, no GPS needed you strange and pointlessly pedantic little man. In English it's Munich, deal with it.

    Get yourself to bed. It's for the best.

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