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odd questions can anybody help?????

just a few questions, i should have asked at the intreview stage but just did'nt think of them at the time,
1)driving licence? do i keep it at my old address or change it to were am based?
2)electrol role? - change the address or leave it as it is
3)voteing? - what do i do about it, i would like to vote, but would i change it to a postal vote or do the RN have a differnet system?
4)bank statements? change address or not?
5)hair cut's? I have to get my fur cut every 4-5 weeks! how much is it? and is it one size fits all? (I have short hair, 3 at the back trim on top)
6)civi's? jeans and top's ok or a no.. no, do i have to take a skirt or
"dare i say it" a dress (I hate wearing both of them)
I will think of more questions as I think of them, any ideas, sugesstions? thanx for your help



War Hero
1. No.
2. Leave it.
3. Same as normal, proxy if you are away.
4. If you want them on time yes.
5. About a fiver, should be fine.
6. Depends if your female!


agree with earlier but recommend telephone/internet banking as we are a bit crap at having bank facilities on the bases/ships
also dont go overdrawn and bounce a cheque on the pusser or he'll withdraw cheque cashing facilities
ship_rat said:
sorry should have said, I'm female!
it's the wardrobe that i not sure about, basicly I don't have one! live in Jeans + top or t-shirt for home and down the pub, best trousers an black top for work, motocross gear for the bike and trouser suit for best dress occasions, PT kit for the gym and road running.
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