Odd or Strange Postings/Jobs you got in Pusser.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Nutty, Mar 2, 2009.

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  1. A couple of stories of odd or strange postings or jobs you were detailed off for in Pusser. Not the one or two day thing but weeks, months or even years in some obscure totally non nautical roll the the Man Power/Ships Office produced out of a hat.

    Mine was as follows to start the ball rolling.

    I entered the Manpower Office at Alecto Colonnade after my RP2's course. L/S Smith UC2 old boats said, "What do you no about gardening" "Nothing" I reply. "Well you have got a car so you will do you are now FOSM's gardener get up his house and report to his Coxswain his civvy gardener has walked out."

    For about a month in 1968 I had Blue Card, dinner at FOSM's house, wash car and weed path or cut the grass, mis-musters for in Blockhouse tot. Drove to house and back each day in my Anglia, dress No.8ts. and was paid mileage. It only lasted until they got a new civvie proper Gardner.

    Life was tough how many times can you wash a car or cut grass. Had to give myself a make and mend most days to fill up the hours.

  2. I spent one month as an usher on HMS Victory in the early 80's when the matelo's were still doing the guided tours. very boring however it had it's perks. A very strange time was had, loads of yank and Japanese tourist who wanted to give us large tips. Great time was had spending it down the hard.


  3. I got an interim draft to Drake whilst waiting to join my next ship (Battleaxe I think). Spent a month in the 'Traffic' section, issuing car passes by hand, patrolling and ticketing cars parked where they shouldn't be. And surprisingly of all, 'breaking into' cars that had to be moved NOW, especially from the parade ground. We had a big box of car keys and it astounded me how many of them actually worked! Having never had the inclination to break into cars before, I learnt a hell of a lot about how to do it!

    Also spent 2 years with the army on an exchange job at Catterick Garrison, the only matelot there. Lived in MQ's, got saluted far too many times for a PO, and didn't do any duties 'cos I wasn't SA80 trained (they'd only just come in)! Best draft ever!
  4. JJ a bit more about Catterick Barracks must have some Black Cats in the bank.

  5. I've just thought of another strange one, whilst working at Fort Southwick Commcen, I was the day working RO, basically making the tea, bacon sandwiches and putting changes into books. We also had the task of cleaning the Snr rates bar, we used to get let in and left there for the duration. If we finished early, we might sneak behind the bar for a few bags of crisps. But the best one was when I slipped a few coins into the bandit and dropped the jackpot. The only problem was when they opened the bar in came the guy who played in every lunchtime, he wanted to know who had dropped the jackpot, the barman said no one. I had a bit of explaining to do to the FCRS who ran the bar, but he could never prove it.


  6. 1985 Me and one AB Seaman Had 3 months on Lustra Fjord in Norway, living on civvy tug, (ITM Seafarer) driving safety boat for "Moby Dick" trials of submarine nose cones. On loan to AUWRE at Portland, not bad for a killick steward
  7. QM on MV Northella. Fishing Vessel taken up for trade during the Falklands and then kept on as a Navigation training ship. The Navigator course at Dolphin took her for a 2-week spin every 3-months, up and down the south course in and out of Portland, Guzz, Falmouth etc then a jolly to the Channel Islands or St Malo for the middle weekend. No duties, great scran, cheap booze and sea pay to boot. :)
  8. Oberon

    How did you explain to visitors your HM SUBMARINES cap tally and Dolphins.

  9. I once spent two weeks, detached on full subsistence, tide watching in Miford Haven. Accommodated in one of the local pubs I had to bimble down to the dockyard twice a day, borrow the MOD plod's bike and wobble down to the end of the jetty to read the height of the tide from the tide pole. I would then radio the readings in to the ship surveying out in the Irish Sea. The rest of the time was spent pissing up my subsistence in the local pubs with a bunch of Trinity House guys. I still don't understand what they did with the readings or whether they made any sense as I was rarely sober for the whole fortnight.
  10. After qual for LH spent the summer as Jimmy's runner, Polish sword weekly and sell the Garden produce to RA's, Blue card excused divs, magic

    Next draft, Jimmys typist, basically typing up the ships commision details for forwarding to admiralty

    After several similar others I became convinced that I must be so bad at my RO job the chief kept me out of the office :) and became paranoid

    My favourite job as an RO was pulling the subs in at Gib CW Taking the midnight bursts but even then after six months I got the bluecard RA and spent my time ordering stores for the comcen Cracking job as RA with MRS
    BUT again paranoid

    Gib RO Tug Confident Salvage and SOS our speciallity, even won 48 tins of McEWANS Export for my share of salvage rights

    Capt of The HEADS HMS FEARLESS Spent three months painting them powder blue and pink
    Comms Heads used for cock and arse parties When Mr Wilson was using it (L10)
    Rating in charge of Marcias smalls, daily collection drink tot in messdeck through crotch,dobbie and return

    One full year at RN Recruiting office Newcastle Upon Tyne (born and lived down the road)

    Err I think I am sure I really joined the RN as an RO The Churchill was a bastard though 71

    Jack McH
  11. I didn't as I only wore 8's. Had great fun with the baby Navvies turning the wheel the wrong way when they weren't paying attention! Managed to get a 360 turn in one time before he noticed!
  12. Three years i/c of one of the FAA Exhibition Teams out of Daedalus. On the road 1st April stayed out until end September. My pay as a PO was £12.00 per day(Taxed)plus £13.00 day subs(Untaxed). We had bunks in the box vans. So much for subs :lol:
    After we had completed what Pusser had lined up for us for the season, we did our own fill in's. Sports Centre's, Super Market Car parks, sea fronts, Holiday Camps, any where they would have us really. All we had to get was a signature from the Local Careers office to say there was no MOD Accomodation available locally.(And there never was! :wink: )
    No leave was taken during the season, so that, along with 1 days leave for each Saturday and Sunday worked, made it possible for us to go on leave early Oct. and not have to return until end Jan.
    Having just got divorced, it put me back on track financially again.
    Oh, and I got a HGV1 license out of it too.
  13. DNR at Wroughton. Vitualed at the RAF hospital,loads of nurses. :D Had the S+S trailer going round to schools, County shows stands at sea fronts, boat shows etc. Lived in the back of the trailer and was on subsistance for 6 months of the year :D Cannot think of a better draft. they dropped the rate for the following year when they found it was not being spent on accomadation :(
  14. I was posted to HMS Rosneath a civilian run Minesweeper depot, there were 5 on the staff, a two ring Chippy officer, A Chief Tiffy , A Stoker PO.Myself as ER Office writer, and a Stoker.
    My duties entailed a monthly report on seaworthiness of the Swweepers there, initially it took a couple of days to type the report, but this was photo copied, which only needed dating plus a few minor adjustments after.
    There was a pussers utilican that basically was at my disposal, as the senior rates had there own transport.
    I managed to stay on subsistence for the bulk of my time at Rosneath, which shoud at that time have only been for 3 weeks ( I think it was 3 )but had to travel to Cochrane, to hand in the base paperwork on a regular basis and victualled myself in for a day, which warranted the continuation of subsistence, (The PO Wrriter on Cochrane put me wise to this,)
    in conclusion this was the 6 months prior to demob December 1965, I had a room at the Navy club in Helensburgh, and also did some taxi work for the local firm, so all in all quite a memorable finale to my time .
  15. Even though I was not a submariner,I was transfered from FMG in pompy and I spent several months at Dolphin at the workshops, I was supposed to be engraving signs to attach to various parts of the boats, i.e ...Shut this hatch if the boat is sinking, and In case of fire put your head between your knees and kiss your butt goodbye or something like that anyway. (I think that the material I engraved was called traffolite??)
    What I actually ended up making (unofficially) was name badges for just about everyone in the whole base to put on their newly issued wooly pullies
    I used to get paid in fag stamps, but as I didn't smoke I used to sell them and spend the money at the pub.
    I even ended up engraving cups for competitions that were nothing to do with the navy.
    All was going well, until one day one of the boats was ready for sailing and someone came to collect all of the signs that they had ordered a few weeks earlier...The order form was still in my in-tray and hadn't been so much as looked at :oops:
    I then got the hairdrier treatment from every man and his dog [​IMG]
    What was even worse was that most of the twats that were bollocking me all had nice name tallies on their wooly pullies...bastards!
    I was sacked from my job with immediate effect, and ended up compression testing resiliant mountings for the diesel engines for the next fornight...most soul destroying job I have ever done!
    Thankfully they decided that I was no longer welcome, and I was transferred back to FMG
  16. My last job in Pusser (I was a CPOWEA!) was instructing SCUBA diving at the Joint Forces Adventurous Training Centre in.............BELIZE!!!

    Absolutely brilliant, ooops, sorry. I mean I hated every minute of it, it was such hard work and so hot and so many Marines to teach...... :D :D :D

    Before you start, I was a BSAC Instructor and a JS SADS, but it was still a bessy draft and the diving was astounding!

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