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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by pug306, Oct 11, 2009.

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  1. Hello all,

    I have signed up to this Forum to get information for my Son...... hope you folks can give some thougts, experience, whatever?

    My lad is 21 and working full time, good worker, never been unemployed, gas GCSE's and worked for the Forestry Commission getting more qualifications! Now, he has always loved Meteorology and sails with me on my 10mtr. sailing yacht around North Scotland/Orkney so is interested in all things to do with the sea. O.K. are you bored yet?....... He really wants a career involving Meteorology and Oceanography and we were both at a loss how he could follow this, then we thought about The Royal Navy and it seemed so logical. It seems he can apply to join and train in Oceanograpy /Meteorology as an Able Rating and progress from there.

    So are we right? My Son thinks this is definately the way to go for him and he is seriously excited at the prospects of a career in the Navy. So I signed up here to ask for your inside knowledge, I understand your thoughts and comments will be yours only and not 'Policy'...... no problem just want thoughts and 'pointers'.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Pug welcome to the site, your best first port of call would be the recruiting office (AFCO), there are a couple of poster on the site that work there, Ninja and Super Mario, they will know doubt be along directly
  3. Thanks "janner"

    Yeah we have the recruiting office as the next step but as we are based in the 'Far North', not far from John O'Groats, I thought we'd get as much info. as possible before my Son takes a journey to the nearest office. As my Son works full time we want to try to schedule things to cause as little disruption as possible, hence a little info. gathering and views re. Oceanography / Meteorology in the Royal Navy. Hard to hold my Son back, but telling him to prepare mentally because he is so set on this course I want him to succeed, knowledge/preparation = success...

  4. Currently 2 year waiting list for your sons chosen branch.
  5. Thanks 'stirling' & 'soleil'

    My Son has already checked out the pdf, it's pretty good for an introduction and he reckons it all sounds perfect.

    I think he was fairly shocked to find that there is a 2 year waiting list as 'stirling' says but it doesn't in any way deter him. His only comment was 'well if I have to wait 2 years, I have to wait, it will be worth it.'

    We are guessing that the process will be: i)Careers Office for 'chat'. ii) Application form. iii) Medical Examination iv) The infamous 'Psychometric' tests v) Personal records checks. This will then be followed by (hopefully) an acceptance into the Royal Navy for initial training, and then will begin the great 2 Year wait. If this is indeed the case then my Son is suggesting that he should begin the process immediately.

    About right?
  6. Good on him about not being bothered by the wait pug.
    Some have gone for a shorter waiting time branch and regretted their decision.
  7. Again my thanks to you folks,

    My Son is ahead of my game here and is finding most of the answers to the quetions I am asking via the Royal Navy Web Site now. I think he regards my methods of research a little pedestrian!

    Regarding the 2 year waiting list, I think my Son feels that as it's the career he wants to follow in the Navy it's important to wait the time, he feels that to chose another option would be a mistake as transfer at a later date isn't an option and so wait he must if he wants to get the most out of his time with the Navy.

  8. The two year wait, as I was told by my AFCO, as I have applied for the same branch, is from the date that you pass the recruitment tests.
  9. Thanks 'jw7121'

    We guessed that's what would be the case. Looks like I shall still have a crew member for cruising the Orkneys again....... poor lad, wait till he has a real Commanding Officer instead of me, he thinks I'm bad enough!


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