OCD or just an old git?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by skyvet, Nov 4, 2007.

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  1. Do any other RR'ers have strange habits, or is it just me?
    For example, I always put my left shoe on first, and always take it off first. When stowing banknotes in my wallet, they all have to be sorted into denominational order, and all have to face the same way ( I know for a fact that I inherited this quirk from my Grandfather).
    Now, does this mean I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or am I just an old git with strange habits?
    Please reassure me that I'm not alone!
  2. I dunno mate, not qualified for this sort of stuff, BUT, I do have to have the bog roll hung the right way 'round, with the bit you pull AWAY from the wall :roll:
    If I'm snapping one off in another bog, I'll change it around if it's not up to spec.
  3. Funnily enough, I hang the bog roll the opposite way - don't know why, I always have.

    And like skyvet, I always place notes in order but not all facing the same way. Also, all my CDs are stacked in alphabetical order as are DVDs; does that make me an obsessive compulsive?

    By the way, in the unlikely event that the obsessive compulsive RAF officer I used to work for is reading this, I was the one who used to get in early and rearrange all the pens on your desk, you annoying ignorant [email protected]! :bootyshake:
  4. Top turn! :thumbleft: :mrgreen:
  5. I'm with Tattoo Dog on this one, sorry Winsk.

    Wish I had notes in my wallet, wife and kids generally ensure they dont get there.

    I do have an obsession though, hope someone else shares this with me though. When travelling along a road in my car, I have to be on the left side of the road. Dunno why, obsession I spose......
  6. I hear that GR and Thingy have all their books in pukka Dewey Decimal Classification order. Obsessive, you want to work in a Library!
    PS My books are in Library of Congress classification order!
  7. Maybe a bad idea for you to drive if you ever come over here mate.
  8. Can you remember what you did before bog roll was the norm. I still remember one of my jobs as a young boy was to cut the newspaper into squares, make a hole, thread a loop of string through the hole and hang the toilet paper on a nail in the outside Kassi.
    Of course we were posh some of the riff raff just put the whole newspaper into the bog and you had to tear it into pieces before using it.
    Christmas was a wonderful time, my mom used to save all the tissue paper off the oranges, superior bog paper indeed.
  9. Mom??.....never had you down as a septic Slim :dwarf:
  10. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'm right-handed but always use me left,,,,,,ahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa
  11. Always check my pockets etc before leaving the house for the important things:

    Testicles,Spectacles,Wallet and Watch.

    Drives my wife loopy!!
  12. I was a Dusty - but if you saw my filing system (wardrobe, drawers etc) you'd understand why my OH gets a bit confused when I say ONT - Old Navy Training !! :lol:
  13. oh my God - not true mate. Some of my books are roughly grouped together - poetry, sci-fi, South America, health related - the rest are just shoved in anywhere there is space. Even the naughty ones aren't all together because I didn't want the cleaner to have a heart attack if she saw them all together :rendeer:

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