I have AIB soon, applying for Observer. I have read up on the job, but something is confusing me. It says you will gain qualifications during training. I know that pilots will attain a degree in aviation but what about observers?

It's not that I am only joining so I can get this qualification, it's just, I would rather know about so that if it crops up in the interview at AIB - I can talk about it confidently.

The RN dishes out loads of NVQs and various other meaningless shite so it can retain it's 'investor in people' status.

On completion of training you will probably receive an NVQ level 3 in Air Observation and Naval Aviation or something.

Ninja Stoker will be along shortly to let you know the exact name of the qualification.
As an observer you will be given the chance to gain a BSc in Military Aviation Studies. It is exactly the same degree, and requirements, as the Pilots' degree, but it is not the same as the Warfare branch's degree. At the end of your training you will have gained enough credits for a diploma, and with a couple of extra modules you can gain the BSc.
You will be enrolled automatically if you do not have a degree prior to BRNC (you can opt out if you want to), or if you already have a degree you can pay a nominal amount (£100-£300) at the end of your training to be given this degree too.

Your ACLO will have (and should have given you) a booklet on this.

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