Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Lynx101, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. Hi, I have noticed that FAA aircraft have one pilot and one observer, and the AAC have one pilot and a gunner/observer and the RAF have two pilots. How come the RAF doesnt have an observer type person its its helicopters?
  2. redmonkey

    redmonkey Badgeman Book Reviewer

    The Crabs have Navigators or Radar operators or in new money I think they are Weapons System Operators. Someone will be along shortly to correct me .
    The Crabs operate different A/C to us and the crew make up will be different for each type.

    Puma could have two pilots and a Loadmaster
    Seaking, two pilots, one Radop and a winch weight

    Also the Crabs do not use helicopters in an offensive manner like the Army or Navy.

    Edit for mong spelling.
  3. Not all FAA aircraft have a pilot and observer, the CHF Sea Kings either have 2 pilots with one acting in an observer role, or just one pilot who has to do everything himself.
  4. Children!!! Children !!!we will go through the round window today :roll: Stand down the SAR/VERTREP aircrewman. The pilot is ACE of the BASE????
  5. I don't know so much about those so I thought it prudent not to comment on them! ;)
  6. AAC have 2 Pilots in most aircraft except FW and a couple of other Helicopter Roles.
  7. Royal Navy I believe have 2 pilots on Merlin and SAR Sea King (both with an Observer and aircrewman down the back), Cdo Lynx and (I think normally) Jungly Sea Kings. Sea King ASaC7 has one pilot and 2 Observers (both down the back although one does go up front for certain mission phases I believe). Small ship Lynx has a pilot and an observer.

    The AAC have only pilots on all their rotary and fixed wing types and have not had observers or gunners for many years. They do often fly with a door gunner on Lynx however, as do RN Cdo Lynx.

    RAF SH (Chinook, Merlin and Puma) typically fly with 2 pilots and one or 2 crewman down the back dependant upon type and task. We did go through a phase in the 1990s when navigators (Weapons Systems Officers (WSO) since decimalisation) flew in the left hand seat. However, this was frankly to find jobs for navs as the fast jet world was winding down at a time when we were also short of pilots. Things have swung back towards pilot now although there are still a few WSOs in the rotary world.

    RAF SAR has only ever flown with 2 pilots, a Weapons System Operator (WSOp) radar operator and a further WSOp as the carbon based radalt.

    Note that RAF SH have the same 2 pilot/aircrewman crew as RN Jungly Sea Kings. This is because they essentially conduct an identical role where loss of one or other pilot to groundfire is a fair possibility. The same thinking is behind the 2 pilot crew of AAC types and Cdo Lynx.

  8. redmonkey

    redmonkey Badgeman Book Reviewer

    WSOp as the carbon based radalt.

    I like that, slighty more scientific than winch weight

  9. And is certainly more polite than 'Dope on a rope'. :lol:

    Well if you can't laugh at your self who can you laugh at!!!!! :lol: :lol:
  10. Am I right in saying that its part of the observers job to operate the .50 cal when its fitted to the mk8? I think I remember seeing it happen on a tv prog where the lynx was training against FRADU Hawks.

    If so, :lol:

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