Observer Grading


Hi, i was just wondering weather anyone could give me more of an insight into observer grading, What sort of tests they set and if there is anyway to practice for them?

I was also wondering weather it takes place during BRNC training or after? and what happens if you dont make the grade during grading?


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I betcha Pontius can do DR in his head!!!
Waspie is now top of my Christmas card list :smile:

To be honest, it's a lot easier in a fast jet than in a helicopter/light aircraft. Even with a 30kt crosswind you're only going to have a max drift of 4(ish) degrees, as opposed to 15, so it's almost not worth taking into account. There certainly wasn't the time, nor space, to be getting out whizzwheels so, yes, you did get very good at doing all that stuff in your head and I reckon any of us could have come up with the same answer as Mr Dalton but a lot quicker. No rocket science, just a lot of practice.

Nobody tell Wrecker what the WAFU apparatus is really for. That need-to-know is the only way we can ensure robust security (and not let the nasty non-WAFUs into the secrets of the Magic Kingdom).
All done at 750 NAS, RNAS Culdrose. 2 weeks of Dalton work. If you fail you choose a different branch. No need to start practising until post Dartmouth.

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