Observer choice

I have been considering whether i would accept an offer of Observer should i be unsuccessful at passing pilot aptitude.

I think it would be as rewarding a career path as pilot, but i get the impression from some threads and forums that you should apply for no less than pilot on your choice sheet if you are 'dead set' on a flying career with the forces.

Of course I'm seeking a career in the FAA but looking ahead to the future, what jobs are available to Ex-Observers on civvy street once your time in the forces is up?

If anyone could provide some insight into observer roles, opportunities and future of the career i would appreciate it.

Obsever has always been a grey area after your time in the air is up. Alot of observers tend to switch over to main warfare officer and push for a drive (captain a ship) before they leave. This is a good way of retraining before you go out. There are a few observer type jobs in civy street, suh as coast gaurd etc....

If you really want to do OBS go for it, they are short and maybe use pilot as your second choice. That will impress AIB as most do it the other way round. Like me!

If you need anymore advice please get in touch!


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