Obituary - Marilyn Chambers

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by FlagWagger, Apr 17, 2009.

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  2. witsend

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    I preferred,,,Seka & Desiree! Aunt Peg got a thumbs up,,,,,,what a taboo subject!!!!!!
  3. What can I say, at least she took it like a man, or at least a hairy arsed stoker.
  4. Never heard of him.
  5. Safeguard - wasn't she originally from Pompey? I seem to recall she was a bunny girl in London, then went off to the States to play with Heff. So she wasn't an all American girl at all! Good movies though, or so I heard! :oops:
  6. I recall another one called Mary Millington,caused a rumpus whilst cavorting around Grampus naked in the 70's
  7. What did she die of then ? Carcinoma of the wallet ??
  8. I suspect you are confusing her with Marilyn Cole who ended up marrying Victor Lownes, Playboy's UK boss.
  9. I thought hard-man, sometime cowperson, sometime actor, Wayne, died some years ago of a tobacconist related disorder.

  10. Ah, a man after my own heart!! Yep, I reckon you are probably about 99.9% correct! :lol:
  11. Downloaded *Behind the Green Door* from the Interweb.
    She looked like she was having a good time. Mind you
    if any of you have seen this blockbuster - there are some
    RIGHT munters getting skewered in the orgy scenes.

    You just can't beat the old stuff. Porn stars with old footballers
    perms and Harry Hill shirts. 8O

    I believe this movie was filmed in the Hooley Bar in Faslane
    after a particularly strenuous patrol by an old Polaris boat. :oops:

  12. AAAAAh Seka and Aunt Peg :lol: :lol: Always had a thing for Aunt Peg

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