Obesity as dangerous as Terrorism - Official claims


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As Terry Wogan said this morning,


"I know where I've been going wrong.

Ive been confusing religious funadamentalism and the fanatical desire to kill people of other religions with eating too many biscuits."


Guess he's no longer fighting the flab then.

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Presumably the argument was that fatness will slot as many law abiding Brits, if not more, than Johnny Terr would. Standby for more erosion of civil liberties; the right to eat whatever and as much as you want.

The NHS is truly a wonderful thing but its strength could also be its weakness. Imagine if a critically large fraction of the population acquired a particularly unpleasant life threatening condition that could be suppressed by treatment at a £1,000 pond a day.
I don't think there's anything even remotely controversial in the idea that vastly more Brits are going to die of obesity-related diseases than be killed by terrorists.

Of course, what the government can or should do about obesity is another question entirely...
Personally I think any so-called obesity crisis will resolve the problem of public sector pensions as the Whitehall I & II studies have shown a correlation between early death and lack of controlling one's work. Obesity is more common amongst the lower paid and with the age of retirement rising gradually towards 70+ only the better off are likely to live long enough to receive their pension. Ergo: no pensions crisis. :twisted:
ya not wrong the obesity epidemic!
It's spiraling out of control!
The ++ Carb diet is not conducive to fit body and mind is it?

The RN should look at what the RAF have to offer!. Never have I experienced a lip-smacking belly full of scran as their chefs provide!

The food is not adequatley balanced at all, there is no bearing to the 'Balance of good health' at all.

Shocking really!
Not floating on our bellies sinking! :hungry:

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