Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, Oct 9, 2009.

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  1. What total bollocks. He was nominated just two weeks after taking office. The mincer hasn't done anything to date let alone two cockin weeks into his reign.

    I believe he is a racist else why isn't he married to a white woman?
  2. Give him a break, he was working towards peace and co-existence with harmony amongst many differing communities in the US before he became a statesman. He preached a new type of rhetoric and foreign policy before he became president. Such as the speech he gave in Berlin.
    There are precedents such as De Klerk and Nelson Mandela who had not then stopped apartheid but were working towards it. It is sometimes awarded as a form of encouragement, as a sort of egging on.
    Personaly I do think that the award to him was too early as there were many better candidates who have been striving to make our lives better for many years. They could put the prize money to further their cause. I would shortlist the following.
    Jaqui Smith Former Home Secretary,
    Ceri Blair For her services to the Human Rights Act, and her husband for implementing the Act.
    Mr Mendalson and Mr Brown for saving the world.
    Any other contenders? :wink:
  3. :D

    Colonel Gadaffi for renouncing state sponsored terrorism?
  4. The Nobel Peace Prize lost all credibility back when Kissinger won it so it has little significance.
  5. Other contenders Hmmmm Stalin and the red mist,Hitler and his grand European tour , Nasty Nixon of Cambodia,Dumbo Reagan,mind me rivets Thatcher,Dumbo Bush,Atelier the Nun and trust me I'm just a nice guy Bambi Blair. :wink: :lol:
  6. Working towards something isn't the same as attaining it. I'm working towards the lottery, but that don't mean I've won it.

    They have debased the whole system, it's now on a par with our New Years Honours - shit and totally meaningless.
  7. Why wasnt I nominated? 8O
  8. Can we take it then that you are not a racist & that you are married to someone of a different race or religion or just single and waiting to see which way the mop flops. 8O :lol:
  9. They could have given it to Kevin Rudd :eek:
  10. Of course they could always award it to that noble, honest, upright citizen The Right honourable Mr Rodney Gearing :wink:
  11. Quite - that bunch of flowers you gave the mrs shows your dedication to piece.
  12. We didn't have foreigner in the country when I got married, just the odd East Indian trading company rep
  13. Do they realise they have awarded it to one of the major players actually involved in waging war and to a president of a country vowing to jump into more in the name of terrorism!!! They award him a PEACE award - beggars belief.

    Are the Norwegian plugged into any main stream news networks.

    I bet if Obama had threatened to use Nukes in Afghanistan he wouldn't have received the award.

    There has to be someone out there more deserving.
  14. I bet Tony Blair is gutted - what with him being the EU's Middle East Peace Envoy doo dah thingy
  15. Why not? They gave it out to these 3 chaps, and I don't see any improvement in the area they were working on, so if I had my druthers, I would pick Obama over these 3 any day... :D

  16. I was going to nominate my Missus - she's not talking to me, cos I'm on the cider again - Ah, PEACE !!!
  17. Why the surprise Shippers.....He IS the 2nd coming don't ya know.... 8) :roll:
  18. So it's true then - the second cum(ing) does dribble out.

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