Obama re-elected

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Nov 7, 2012.

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  1. Great news as it is my opinion that the last thing the world needs is another right wing nut job in charge of the most powerful country on the planet.
  2. For days they were saying it was the closest contest for years and Obama walks it, I doubt 'Merica devotes so much coverage to our elections.
  3. Don't the left wing have 'nut jobs'?................apart from you, of course. :slow:

  4. Ho Ho effffing Ho! BOOTWU, I hope you are not attempting to lower the tone of this CA thread, after all it's one that affects us all one way or another. No, you wouldn't do that, would you?
  5. As one of their satellites you would think that they would show an interest.
  6. bootwu....????? :scratch:
  7. After yesterday It's called a pre-emptive strike.
  8. Yes, us being the 51st state. :brushteeth:
  9. He forgets that it's only him with multiple personality disorder.
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  10. I'll wager Netanyahu is disappointed with the result.
  11. I'll wager BOOTWU is disappointed with you !

  12. I doubt it as I am sure that his expectations of me are not particularly high.

    It was the Black and Hispanic votes that swung it for Obama, hardly surprising as the Republican Party is predominantly white millionaires who the masses have nothing in common with.
  13. Have we had the, tamknottle blah blah, multi logons blah blah, red sailor auction blah blah, piss and dribble blah blah yet?
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  14. Bandwagon passing?
  15. The RRCC must be accepting new members.

    As Obama will not be standing in 4 years time let's hope he goes at the job with a little less caution. In international affairs attempting to sort the Israeli/Palestinian problems would be a good starting point and if he does I wish him every success.
  16. If he can sort out Palestine/Israel he's not a naughty boy, he really is the Messiah.
  17. Predominantly? You sure?

    Must add, though I like to know what's going on and follow news and stuff, I find Elmer J Chickenshit elections tedious in the extreme. The ****** that's still there is not going to make the world a better place.

    "No matter who you vote for the government (or in this case president) always gets in" (Unknown, but wish it was me)
  18. Come on wits have you not noticed I do not do post (normally) out of working hours, this is like the mob once you are out of the main gate, back to reality.:laughing5:

  19. You are correct, I missed out the word politicians.

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