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Hi All,

I have recently left the Navy and set up a small company developing iPhone Apps. My first was designed back when I was going through the Flight Aptitude Test at Cranwell.

So, I am providing a link here to anyone who would like to have a look - the App itself was very helpful (for me anyway) and is being continually updated.

More information can be found at my website: Inspired Apps Limited - Speed Distance Time - Practice Questions

or iTunes: Connecting to the iTunes Store.

I hope people find this helpful, there is also a contact page on my site if anyone would like any information or has any questions.

I have also been advised that I should put at the bottom - I did seek permission before advertising on this forum, permission was granted by BAD CO.

To all those setting sail for the OASC - Good luck!

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Alternatively you could buy 4 die (dice) for less than 50p and roll 2 for the distance and 2 for the speed, unlimited combinations and no batteris required :wink:
Assuming of course that you never plan on going faster than 66mph or further than 66miles? ;-)
I have also gone to some considerable trouble to make sure that the questions can always be answered by a whole number so it should be do-able without a calculator, as in the real test.

Future development plans include: Fuel Use questions, memory questions and orientation questions.
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Looks like a reasonable concept having had a quick look at the App. Are all the speeds in mph rather than Kts (with my aircrew head on)? A basic mental arithmetic test tool like this would also be useful for those going to AIB, as during the planning/discussion exercise candidates are tested on speed/time/distance questions.
Hi Talking Baggage,

Yes currently all the speeds are in mph rather than kts, but that is a good suggestion so I shall add it to the plans for the next release, (1.2) along with the orientation type questions.

Thanks for the feedback!

I'll capitulate to that, I hadn't considered using more than 2 die per variable. of course how do you know if you got the answer right?


Have a good one!
We've just sent version 1.2 up to Applefor review, should be done in a few days.

We've added orientation questions. Memory questions are in the works and should follow quite quickly.
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