OASC - Interview stage, RN knowledge??

As OASC is run by the RAF and is used for their own selection, they have the interview stage for service knowledge/motivation etc. As a FAA applicant, will this interview stage apply to me?

I'm pondering about it as the interviewing board there are all RAF staff and can't see them asking me about why i want to join the Navy, or do they? I realise that this comes up at AIB if i am successful.

Can anyone shed some light?

Hi Foxtrot.

what stage of selection are you at? Have you done the flying aptitude tests yet?

After you have passed the FAT's you will hopefully be called forward to the Admiralty Interview Board, http://www.careers.royalnavy.mod.uk/how_to_join/aib.php

Have a look at that page, this is the section where they will pick your brains about service knowledge, both in the written service knowledge test and in the interview. hope that helps,

Hi Chewychewy,

Im awaiting my FAT's date presently. I have a brochure on OASC from the RAF, but is the format different if you are a Navy applicant when it reaches the interview stage?

My understanding is that if successful on the tests, you go through to a formal interview where they ask about service knowledge, current affairs etc (if you are RAF, so is it the same for the Navy applicant?).

Im was wondering this because i am aware that it comes up in the AIB.

Hope i'm making sense here!

Hi foxtrot...i've just recently been through the process. During FATs at Cranwell there is no service knowledge or motivation questioning. The only thing being assesed is your mental aptitude for flying, and that test is administered by computer.
All the wider questioning on service knowledge, motivation for joining etc is carried out during the AIB at HMS Sultan

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