OAP Terrorist Suspect on UAL Flight today

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by bunnyjumper, Aug 16, 2006.

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  1. Anyone seen the news item about the United Airlines flight that had to be escorted into Boston by 2 USAF fighters, because a 60 yr old woman took a screwdriver, jar of vaseline and an "al-queda" note on the flight and started kicking off?

    Am I on my own in thinking that she should be tried for attempted murder? - bearing in mind our trigger happy cousins have carte blanche to shoot down airliners that pose a terrorist threat against the mainland USA.

    Or am I just far too hardline?
  2. With a screwdriver and a jar of vaseline, I think she should be tried for attempted RAPE!
  3. Hmmmm. That'd still give a tougher sentence than she's likely to get.

    Wouldn't mind betting she turns out to be another News of the World journalist, attempting to be a "hero" in highlighting loopholes in security......
  4. I did hear tell about the BA flight that turned back on its way to stateside because some person had a mobile phone.

  5. No Screwdriver,No Jar of Vaseline,No Arabic Note,as usual the Beeb gets it right.
  6. Hig, Arabic Notes are what you pull out of your wallet when it's your round!

  7. I always thought they were camel jockey condoms! a bit like French Letters

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