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oberon said:
jannerpig88 said:
Did the crews of the O boats involved in GW1 get the gulf war medal? How long were they on patrol in the gulf for??
Yes - well Onyx crew did.
No they didn't. Otus and Opossum did. Otus did two long patrols in area, Opossum did half a patrol.

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thanks for that, i imagined that they were completely green (blue) but didn't realise they were like that. thinking about it i suppose it would be harder to spot from the air as they were rather than if they were completely green (blue) wonder which was best

Why was the green one flying the pirate flag?


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Doh!! Onyx was the Falklands!! Sorry. The 'blue' one is Opossum - she had been doing a world trip and got pulled into the Gulf for ops.


Lantern Swinger
They were both blue out in the gulf. (Duck egg blue was the official colour)Otus did a paint job in Gib to make her look pretty for arrival back at Dolphin. (No blue paint onboard so used army green)
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