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Has anybody celebrated New Year's Eve at Dartmouth and can tell me if it's any good? My auntie has invited me down, and being stuck in the midlands I try to take up every opportunity of getting some sea air.

Just wondering if it is worth the drive down from Staffs. after working a night shift.
dyst0piate said:
Chaz said:
failed_tiff said:
Is this a genuine relation? Or a matelot "Auntie"? :twisted:
Possibly both!
Went straight over my head that one, not even clear about it after a little googling :scratch:
In this context, "Auntie" refers to a casual female aquaintance who lives in a place you only visit occasionally, but who can be relied upon for a spot of the old extramaritals.

For example
"Are you coming ashore to get wasted tonight?

No, I'm going to visit my auntie.

Dirtymouth on NYE will probably be a good night out though. Make sure that you have a party invite, as the pubs will close (relatively) early.


Lantern Swinger
dyst0piate said:
Is there any chance of finding a matelot auntie there?
I have an "Auntie" down there, but on relfection i better not give you her name and address as she has already invited her nephew from the midlands down for NYE !!!! :D :D :D :D
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