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NW Mail: Will women be employed on Barrow built submarines?


War Hero
we will find out in a few months...

points being discussed based around the decision are...and to be presented to the house of lords/govt.

legal, health, operational and welfare impact on the current serving submariners and their families..

the impact on the females themselves..

the costs involved at a time of savings

the fact ALL the current boats (including astute class) ARE designed for "all male crews"

possibility of allowing women on vanguard successor..

IMO, I would like the answer to be a serves no puropse what so ever changing the current policy


Lantern Swinger
FunkyJunky said: serves no purpose what so ever changing the current policy
...apart from being able to recruit submariners from the 50% of the population that is currently ineligible..... :roll:


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Re: NW Mail: Will women be employed on Barrow built submarin

It has been stated in a recent galaxy notice that the current submarines are not suitable for women unless costly modifications are made. This includes the Astute class. Given the current economic climate and requirement to improve efficiency in many areas, I think it highly unlikely that women will be allowed to serve on HM Submarines in the near future. IMHO we will have to wait for the outcome of the next review of this matter before there will be any change, one of the problems being that the process of 'change' nearly always costs large amounts of cash, which, as you are all aware, the country does not have at this time.


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scabz said:
FunkyJunky said: serves no purpose what so ever changing the current policy
...apart from being able to recruit submariners from the 50% of the population that is currently ineligible..... :roll:

they do this on ships..yet the career span of a female is at least half of that of a male....they believe the gap would be even bigger in the submarine service due to the conditions etc etc...

seeing as we are now (apparently) at "man power balance" and cant really afford anything...added to the fact that it will no offer ANYTHING in terms of OC...then why bother..?

the navy should be (imo) about delivering top class military capabilities at all times..rather than spending money we dont have just to be seen doing the right thing...

the cost of refitting for females would be better spent on other maintenance..or even better used in afghan


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Book Reviewer

Not come across this thread before. FJ, you say you are concerned that woman on boats would reduce OC yet fail to deliver anything to support that other than opinion, most of your arguments are actually based around women's health. You also say that there is no "posturing" on boats, then talk about "elitism". Is that not posturing also, albeit on the interent rather than in a messdeck?
It strikes me that you are really more worried about the threat these women pose to your macho, elite world than anything else.
Women at sea are very similar to the lads in the sense that there are good ones and there are bad ones. It seems as though it will happen, get over yourself, if you don't like it I'm sure there'll be plenty of young women ready to take your place.
Good post by gentlesoul.


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Daily Mail:

"Women to be allowed to serve on submarines for the first time since ban in 1901"

Women to be allowed to serve on submarines for the first time since ban in 1901 | Mail Online

The official comment on the Daily Mail's article from the MoD, as issued by its Directorate Of Media And Communications today is:

"The Royal Navy is in the process of conducting a review of its policy of excluding women from serving on submarines, including considering the legal, operational, health, social, technical and financial implications of employing female submariners. Whilst the review is continuing, the Royal Navy policy in relation to women not serving on submarines remains in place."
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