NW Evening Mail: Falklands Veteran Sub Leaves Barrow And Embarks On Her Final Voyage

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by soleil, May 7, 2014.

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    "A submarine left rusting in docks has been towed away after eight years.

    HMS Onyx, an Oberon-class vessel which saw service in the Falklands War, was brought to Barrow in 2006 by businessman Joe Mullen as part of plans to use it as a museum.

    Mr Mullen paid £117,000 for the sub after an idea by the Barrow branch of the Submariners Association, led by Terry Spurling, that it could become an interactive centrepiece at a submarine heritage centre.

    Yesterday HMS Onyx was towed from Buccleuch Dock, in Barrow."

    North West Evening Mail | News | Falklands veteran sub leaves Barrow and embarks on her final voyage

    A local gentleman, Bill Mutter, is trying to save the Onyx from being scrapped.
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  3. It doesn't help that Ocelot is on display at Chatham, there's only so many O boats you can restore, despite their individual history.
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  4. Save the Plymouth it was down south,get the fittings and fixtures on to the Plymouth ,bit of both then

    Finished with main motors and steering

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