NW Evening Mail: "Astute Order Boost for Shipyard"

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by soleil, Mar 26, 2010.

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  1. Forgive my scepticism, but doesn't this overdue announcement come quite timely for Labour in view of the imminent General Electioneering?
  2. Thats some name for the fifth boat
  3. My thoughts exactly.As soon as the good people of Barrow have re-elected the Labour MP it will suddenly be realised that perhaps we can't afford them after all.Beware of Politicians bearing gifts.
  4. HMS Agamemnon? sure....
  5. Wits,

    Is that your DPC in already, my old?

    (B-in-F is great for standing by during build - Mind you, they used to have Lancs Hot-Pot there once 'pon timers - Now it's just Cumbrian :cry: .......)
  6. Some say ......Ahhh Bisto.

    Moi?? Ahhhhh BARROW!!!!!
  7. Hehe. :D

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