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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Zoidberg, Dec 21, 2012.

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  1. Anyone here done the NVQ level 3 through the ed centre/ETS at VL?
  2. In which subject? There are a fair few of them

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  3. In what? As level 3 aircraft eng was done by task book then posted back to sultan post completion or has that changed? or is it some other qual
  4. From what I can gather the Pre-LAETQC taskbook doesn't get you the qual automatically. I think some of the stuff can be carried over (the jobs and fault diagnosis) but doesn't get you the qual.
  5. Did mine by carrying out three tasks (radar/radio and surveillance), had to snag a harrier IFF to get the final one. Then answered a number of questions, sent it off to Sultan and the Certs arrived in the post. You could get a level 2 after AEMs course and a Level 3 after killicks, the pusser would only pay for one.
  6. Yeah, we get a level 2 after Phase 2B/Part 4 training. Then after killick's you get credits towards a degree, POs is more credits, then after Chief's I believe you're eligible for the full degree.
  7. I may be wrong but believe that's a foundation degree.
  8. Fair one. My mistake.
  9. The one thing I have learned with military gained qualifications, C & G etc. They have NO bearing in civvy street.

    I managed to gain a few. The education wallah's informed me they would help in my gaining civilian employment.


    Until I started my interviews then I learned not one Qual was worth the paper it was written on. Aviation, medical!!!!

    So, moral, don't believe anything you are told or read regards mil quals.

    In my last 2 years I did my own research. Contacted potential employers and asked what they would want as far as qualifications were concerned. Then, at my own expense went out and acquired them.

    Sailor beware - much bullshit is spoken with a view to telling us how important and worthy we are. And yes we are important inside the mob - but once we leave!!!!!!!!!
  10. Waspie
    In our day Tiffs (spit) sat for an O.N.C. (If they wanted to) alongside their final exams. In actual fact Tiffs final exams were above the standard required for O.N.C. but most of them realised that the O.N.C. would be recognised by civilian employers later in life.
    At Lossiemouth many of the Tiffs took advantage of Pusser allowing day release and studied for H.N.C. at Inverness.
    I found out later (while at Boscombe Down) that anyone could request day release and my head of department encouraged myself and a POAEM(L) to do our O.N.C. at Salisbury tech.
    Many thanks Sqdn Ldr Adam for setting me on to further education aat the ripe old age of 33.
    So any of you still serving take advantage of ALL pusser has to offer, get educated to civvy standards and let pusser pay
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  11. Agree Slim, my tiff at Portland, (737), Dicky Bird did the same. He ended up going pilot. (He did a mean home made brew with a mellon and loads a rum). Tiff's ain't all bad!!!!!!!
  12. No they are normally OK, had lots of mates who were Tiffs and Mechs. I always reckoned that a Mech was better than a tiff, however after a Tiff had been a senior rate for a few years there was nothing to choose between them.
  13. NVQs aren't a military qualification, though. They're a civvy qual available through the mob. Probably not very helpful when it comes to civvy street but I might as well get whatever I can whilst I'm in, right?
  14. Neither are C & G but they have quals that are only given to the military and NOT recognised by the outside world.

    Like I said. Don't believe all the BS that is abundant in the forces.

    If you remain naive you will be in for one hell of a shock when you do your time.
  15. Cheers for that. Hopefully my "time" will be over by the end of 2013.
  16. C & G worthless? The pussers one you send off for fair enough (LCGI etc),

    But if you can get one in a trade then it's really worth it.

  17. Have you spoken to C&G? I did thats when I discovered MY certificates where not recognised outside the military.

    When I joined the British Red Cross after 15 years back seating in Helo's, eight years dedicated SAR, 819/Gannet. To be informed my so called paramedic quals weren't recognised and I had to start again!!!! Basic, Advanced, Ambulance Tech and FAAW, only then was I allowed to instruct!!!!!

    So forgive my comments they are only based upon personal experience.
  18. Did you tell them you were a WAFU?
  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Thats what caused the problems.
  20. Nvq 3 in air eng is a qual so is nvq assessor and all c and g o have in the eng world

    Or are they my pot wash quals never can remember :)
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