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Congratulations on reaching the exalted level of War Hero.

I suspect though you will still act the OD. :)

Congrats Nutty and Andy on reaching the lofty hights of War Hero! Does it feel better than all those real decorations you both got? :lol: Dondon, you'll have yours soon too. Perhaps we should start a Rum Ration War Heros Association and invite the RN's most illustrious Rum Bosun to be our Hon.President? :D


War Hero
Congrats Nutty and Andym. We're all honoured to be in such esteemed company. More importantly though, wheres the cake?



Lantern Swinger
Andym get the cakes in????????????? He is a yorkie they is renowned for being even more tight fisted than us Jocks, and anyway as he is a scablifter would you feel safe eating one (or more) of them?
All kidding (or am I) aside congrats to Nutty and andym


War Hero
Cheers SF.Ex wasp is just jealous,anyway he wouldnt eat anything unless it tasted of Hydraulic fluid or WD40!!!!!A slice of Parkin anyone?

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