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Nutty Productions Proudly Present... Why we need Seamen!

nutty_bag said:
Always_a_Civvy said:
Our very own Mr.Nutty has posted another short film, this time clearly showing the dangers of allowing non-Seaman to manhandle long weights in pursuit of supposed efficiency savings...

Nutty's Cinematographic Delight No.2

Doesn't seem to want to work for me. Shame that as i could do with a few japes at this time of the day!!

Nutty Bag,

You need to click on the link then press the little black triangle on the bottom left hand corner of the picture on the screen (of the boat that is, not Nutty) and you'll see 6 seconds worth of accountancy madness in action.

Always_a_Civvy said:
Apologies all, I've just noticed it doesn't work on my PC at work - just on my Mac at home. I will fix the problem this evening!

Steve. :oops: :oops: :oops:

I tried opening it again earlier and it still didn't work!! I await the result with bated breath


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