Nutty is good for you - official

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Always_a_Civvy, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. The Times reports today (8 Match 2007, p27) that NUTTY (also known as chocolate) is extremely good for you as you become more mature.

    According to research reported in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, elderly MEN who eat chocolate are fitter, more positive and, somewhat suprisingly, slimmer than their nutty-free compatriots. It also appears, according to the study, to reduce the likelihood of adult onset diabetes. Of course an alternative explanation might be simply that nutty-addicts ARE healthier, fitter, leaner, more optimistic in their outlook and do not have a genetic susceptability to type 2 diabetes!

    As those who have seen my figure will know, this theory MUST be true as I eat lots of Belgian nutty and am soooooooooo slim! :lol:
  2. Good, I have just eaten six mars bars and two kitkats and a whole chocolate cake,, FIT AS FIDDLE !!!!!!!!!!

    Now I feel very sick ! :oops:
  3. well there we have it pusser should implement a nutty ration
  4. NUTTY-BAG get a load of this we are good for people, and get better as we mature. Now I know why all them young ladies keeping giving me the eye.

    All you Ladies; "EAT NUTTY MORE OFTEN"

  5. Tell that to the 42st bird!
  6. Pusser used to have a nutty ration if my memory serves me right.

  7. They did in my time but it was for Aircrew Only :sad:
  8. Well now is the time to put in a Request for an daily Nutty Ration for all matelots over and including 37 (the age of Lingy, apparently) for life.

    A nutty a day keeps the Padre away!

    I'm a bit confused though as I came across this advert yesterday...

  9. I seem to remember drawing a ration somewhere and I was an EM. Must of been Vincent or Raleigh.

  10. what a load of pants! I have given up chocolate for lent. Am 16 days and counting.

    Am reduced to licking Nutty_Bag when he is in the chat room.
  11. The only times Pusser ever issued Nutty to me was when they issued bag meals. there was usually a kitkat or similar chocky biccy, and always a hard boiled egg. well most were hard boiled, the chefs used to put a few raw eggs in to keep you on your toes
  12. You're OK then. You've given up chocolate but can still happily and guiltlessly devour Nutty and his Bag!
  13. LOL Rosie, you really don't want to go licking Nutty_Bag!! You never know where us medical people have been :oops: Anyway now I know why I have an emergency mars bar compartment in my fridge, thanks AAC don't feel remotely guilty anymore :grin:
  14. Egg nogs? Very tasty! Regarding the advert above... is it true that I can get Slim if I eat in the CMG? Where are you located? Under a table? By the gash bins? Gripping on for protection to a stationery pillar or dangling from a light fitting aloft?
  15. Am so not devouring Nutty's bag! How rude!

    That is your part of ship!
  16. A Bag of Nutty
    A Nutty_Bag
    Whichever shall
    Rosina have?

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