NUT Motion to ban forces recruitment in schools


Lantern Swinger
Saw on the BBC News website that the teaching union want to vote on stopping the forces going to schools to inform school kids about the work the forces do. Some teachers say it is a sneaky method of recruting and they dont give the full picture. They also complain they are targeting deprived area schools.
At least one teacher commented that the youngsters could get a good carear out of it and he saw no problems with it.
Is this just more of the OC Brigade having a go at us and those who have served? It makes me sick :pukel:
Just wonder what the rest of you all think?
I would have thought that with the marvellous standards of teachers within
the NUT, maybe one or two of them would have been able to pass on a small amount of reason to even their most challenging pupils.

"Oh, If I join the Armed Forces does that mean I might get sent somewhere foreign where people will try to kill me?I never realised that, I must have been deceived by those nice recruiters when they came to school........"

Maybe the NUT would prefer youngsters to leave school and go onto benefits, or maybe just go down the whole petty crime/drugs bit, or maybe go to university on the piss for four years, after which they can become a teacher and join the NUT so they can whinge about something they know Fcuk all about!
This is an old NUTs chestnut, they have been ranting on about this since I was in the mob, which wasn't yesterday. It really looks as if the NUTs are going through one of their 'strange' phases one of them was proposing the nationalisation of all fee paying schools.
Just had to do this, acknowledgement to the BBC website.............

The Ministry of Defence is accusing Teachers Unions of using "sophisticated" methods to lure soldiers, often in combat areas, into Britain’s’ most dangerous schools
Top Generals say soldiers are not made fully aware of what they are signing up to.
The NUT says it is invited into about 100 units a year, but its teams go to raise awareness not recruit.

'Informed choices'

General Walter Norman, an MOD spokesman said NUT recruiters use information which does not allow young Soldiers to make informed choices.
"They are too young to vote, too young to drink, too young to drive, but they are considered old enough to sign up for years in these dangerous establishments without being fully aware of what they are signing themselves up for." He said.
"Even a tour or two in Helmand Province will not prepare them for the carnage they could witness in an inner city academy."

Another soldier, Lance Cpl Arrse, from Lambeth, South London, said: "The National Union of Teachers has got a programme for distributing information to every unit. They run programmes across the country and send teaching personnel to talk to young soldiers on combat operations.
"These are often in areas of high levels of enemy activity."
Humanitarian work, such as the fitting of razor wire and anti vandal measures to schools is often highlighted alongside the chance to improve interpersonal skills.
Lance Cpl Arrse added: "We are talking about a much more sophisticated method of recruitment - putting eligible young teachers who are good communicators in the trenches"

'Limited opportunities'

Another army spokesman told reporters before that he was concerned soldiers from more “elite†units were being targeted.
"Soldiers with recent combat experience, especially with close combat battle skills, are often seen as an ideal recruit for today’s’ modern school, especially so where the schools have a high ratio of ethnic minority kids.
"It's simply a fact. I am not saying that soldiers from support or logistics backgrounds cannot get something from a career in teaching, but their combat skills are just not as advanced for dealing with modern pupils."
A spokesman for the NUT said: "We do not recruit from the Army.
"We visit about 100 units a year and only at the invitation of the Commanding Officer - with the aim of raising the general awareness of the combat role of teachers in a modern integrated classroom environment, not to recruit."
Percy Pongo head teacher of St Jordan with Peters City Academy , in Essex, said soldiers could have a fantastic life with a career in the teaching. “And just think of all the holidays†he added.
Have to agree, that NUT (Quite an apt acronym to describe some of it's members) has had a downer on the Forces for ages, the NUT Branch Secretary, a bearded Folk singing pipe smoking twat, at my Secondary School in NW London in the '70's railed against any attempt by the Forces or the Police doing any Recruiting or Career Day activity.
The Deputy Head a rather scary gent who happened to be an ex Para (??, Well it was a rough school) would always ensure the Armed Forces had the prime posies in the hall as he knew that if not for that option a lot of the less academic of us would face a bleak future. Also I think he liked to wind the hippy up and it worked a treat.


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Its pretty fantastic, I mean would we really target less well off areas for recruitment? No way, all those people are destined for careers in the city, trading and international investments. I couldn't see anyone there heading for a life of low paid jobs, benefits, little long term potential!

This is what happens when a small hard core element of lefty loons are allowed to subvert a larger organisation. I suspect that 98% of teachers don't care less, can see the logic behind the military approach to recruitment and actually agree that it gives some kids a last best option!

Tell you what, the military stops recruiting in these areas and we ask the NUT to fund the consequential increase in benefits and policing!


War Hero
It's rather insulting from all sides to suggest we only recruit by luring students who are less well off or those that don't have the intelligence to know better as these cretins seem to infer.

I'm afraid it's the same old lunatics that condemn the Police, the Armed Forces, the state of the NHS and so-forth, but neglect to wonder what they would do if we no longer had them- they seem to think the money would instead go to line their pockets.

Having just heard they have overwhelmingly voted to ban Armed Forces recruiters from schools- Perhaps they would prefer conscription- then their children could play their part in society rather than criticise those that do so voluntarily.


Lantern Swinger
Well, it's not as if students can learn about life in the military from newspapers, TV, Youtube and the Interweb...

This is an extremely simplistic view of Forces recruitment by the union; I sincerely doubt whether any 16 or 17 year old signing up is under any illusion about what lies in store for them...
The whining of fluffy little Catherine Brennan came close to spoiling my brecky this morning; cNUT.

Having calmed down, I found this on Truth Central;


for those without;

Ofsted to carry out inspections on Armed Forces training

Ofsted and the Ministry of Defence have forged a new partnership to ensure recruits and trainees experience a high quality of training, welfare and care in the UK's Armed Services.

Melanie Hunt, Director of Learning and Skills, Ofsted, and Bob Ainsworth, the Minister for Armed Forces signed a pledge to work more closely together.

The memorandum of understanding marks a new collaboration between the two departments. The agreement sees Ofsted taking over responsibility for carrying out independent inspections for 2008/09 in education and training. This builds on the work previously undertaken by the Adult Learning Inspectorate between 2004 and 2007.

The focus of the inspections will be on the recruitment and selection of potential recruits, newly recruited entrants and those in training. These are Phase One trainees, normally aged between 16 and 24, and Phase Two trainees, who have moved on to study a particular trade, such as engineering or catering.

Melanie Hunt, Director of Learning and Skills at Ofsted, said:

"Our inspections place the interests and experiences of recruits and trainees at the heart of our work, and consequently we aim to provide insights for the Armed Services to enable their training and support consistently to be of the highest quality.

"This agreement highlights the breadth of Ofsted's remit, having taken on responsibility for adult training in April 2007. It reflects our values and priorities, and enables the impact of inspection to have a wider reach and benefit more people in a range of learning and training environments."

Armed Forces Minister, Bob Ainsworth, said:

"The MOD attaches the highest priority to the welfare of it's people. We are fully committed to developing the most supportive environment for our recruits and trainees. Independent external scrutiny is a key factor in achieving constant improvements in this area. That is why I welcome our new partnership with Ofsted. I am confident it will provide robust oversight and ensure we continue to strive for the highest standards."
Why is it that every quasi governmental body is an expert on everybody elses job these days? No doubt another Noo Labore knee jerk reaction to Deepcut.

Realigning to Thread centreline; now.
Wouldn't expect anything else from the so-called learned.

You'd never have heard them complaining when an ancient Civil Defence fire engine turned up with a crew of Servicemen to put out their chip pan fire, except to denigrate the same people for scabbing during a Fire Brigade strike.

When will they ever learn that the Armed Forces are an absolute requirement for when their demi-god politicos have f***ed up so badly that war arrives? If they were half as intelligent as they think they are, they'd be encouraging their students to join up as saviours of the Nu Liebour forgotten generation.
I am not surprised, some of the teachers I met during my time in school a couple of years back seem to live in a bubble separate from the real world. Fortunately the Heads and Careers Department's Heads in my passed schools were welcoming of the forces.

These are the sort of teachers that do not think that students are capable of making any decisions for themselves and need to have their hands held at every turn! They are 16, many of these kids will see high levels of violence in schools, maybe they should stay at home wrapped in cotton wool and bubble wrap, and have to be supervised by two adults to use safety scissors?

These are the sort of people who criticise the Iraq War, and then go and vote for the scum that lied to us about it in the first place unable to see their own hypocrisy!
Passed-over_Loggie said:

for those without;

Ofsted to carry out inspections on Armed Forces training
Why is it that every quasi governmental body is an expert on everybody elses job these days? No doubt another Noo Labore knee jerk reaction to Deepcut.
discussed here with some observations on the fact it's been going on for a while.
drewfester said:
.... the teaching union want to vote on stopping the forces going to schools...
This hardy perrenial?

It surfaces every few years, indeed it was the case when I was at school that many wouldn't let any promotional effort happen from any of the three services.

Gives the union gravy train something to do...
I think it is the biggest pile of rubbish ever.

"Targets areas that have large numbers of unemployment, making children in these areas less priveleged" I believe it said on one of the BBC articles.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the forces target those areas just like any other sector of employment?
How can the NUT criticise the Armed Forces' recruitment methods by claiming they are tantamount to propaganda, yet their own recruitment ads that appear on TV are so far from the reality of teaching it's almost laughable.
I have several friends who are teachers and, judging by the stories they tell, their days are spent dealing with mouthy little shits with no respect for anyone, breaking up fights (sometimes involving knives), getting spat at, and general crowd control. However, the recruitment ads appear to imply that if you become a teacher you will: a) be earning 60K in a matter of years, b) sit around sharing jokes with smiling, attentive students and c) not get verbally or physically abused whatsover. BOLLOCKS. :cussing:
If the teachers think that their students are not bright enough to realise that joining the armed forces may involve being exposed to a dangerous situation once in a while then I think there appears to be severe shortcomings in the education standards of this country. :pissedoff:
'those that can do, those that can't teach!'

I remember 20 years ago my careers teacher telling me i was wasting my life by joining the RN. He then told my sister the same a few years latter, to her credit, she pointed out he was a twat and i was earning more than him and actually had a life away from talking to children.

Has anyone else noticed that teachers have no ablity to communicate with adults, they try and talk to you like children.

All my best teachers were ex-military, thats probably why i joined.

teachers i have shti them!
RedMike said:
.....yet their own recruitment ads that appear on TV are so far from the reality of teaching it's almost laughable.....
That'll be the ones thatr have nothing to do with the National UNION of Teachers then?
I heard that woolly minded bint on radio 4 this morning -- was coughing up cornflakes for the next ten minutes. Her and her ilk should get out more - preferably for a walk across the Brecon Beacons ------ "just stand in a line in front of this mound of grass folks and see if you can spot all the people laying on the ground a thousand yards in that direction."

"Mark your targets. In your own time, carry on"

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