Nut allergy appeal


Okay, new to this forum so first off hi all.

I just had my Triage Nurse call earlier today and went through all the questions fine. But I declared I had a mild nut allergy (It's that mild I don't need an epi-pen).

The nurse over the phone said that I can't be passed onto the next stage yet, and mentioned something about a letter in the post.

I've booked an appointment today with the GP to hopefully get reffered to an immunologist to confirm its not a serious allergy.

If anyone could give me any insight on if they think i'll be able to continue in the Navy and what I should do next that'd be great, Cheers!


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An allergy will essentially cause an immune response (swelling, rash, tingling in the lips and tongue, sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes etc). However, even if your response has been mild before this, there is no way to predict how severe the reaction would be on next exposure. Is this a self diagnosed allergy or is your GP well aware? I think you have done the right thing in contacting your GP and I hope you can get some answers soon.


Just updating this thread,

Got an appointment to the immunology clinic for Nov 14th which aint too bad. Let's just hope evidence of how mild my allergy is will maybe overturn my appeal (I know how unlikely that is but all I can do is hope).

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