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I expect this one has appeared somewhere... Can a nursing officer or nurse go for the green lid and serve with 3 brigade or is that just MOs and medics?
I see no reason why not - Nurses work at CLR (Cdo Logs Regt), and CLR has dedicated spaces on AACC. You'd have to speak to your Squadron OC to ensure you had the time, but that may be the only thing stopping you.

If you didn't work at CLR then getting on the course might be slightly more difficult, but each AACC has plenty of none-3 Cdo Bde personnel on it. Again, getting time off for it will probably be the biggest stopping point...
I suppose you could. However most of the medic's who get the "green lid" are Medical assistant, that are trained to be combat medics and do the All Arms Course. That's what my mate at Lymspstone tell me anyway.


StixJimboRM said:
I don't think you would be able to get justification, as a nurse, to do the AACC, it is designed for ranks/ratings in supporting roles to 3 Cdo Bde; and by supporting roles I mean, out at the front supporting roles such as medics, unfortunately for you nurses don't fit into that category.
It's main aim is indeed that, but if you go read the DIN*, you can apply to the AACC on a "personal development basis". No need for a job at 3 Cdo Bde, no need for a possible job at 3 Cdo Bde; don't expect to be loaded on the course of your choice or given much notice mind.

I've known Nurses work with the Field Hospital created from the CLR Med Sqn, so they may have been augmentees, but it certainly happened!

Perhaps the wider point is that you shouldn't base a career on one course, but it isn't out of reach. Just to throw that cat in, can Nurses do Black Serpent...?!

*Civvies can't, take my word on what I'm about to say
StixJimboRM said:
jacko90 said:
So do naval nurses not really get onto the front line? Like with the crabs aeromedical evac? Or do nurses just stay at base?
the 'crabs aeromedical evac' aren't frontline, they are echelon troops - i.e. rear echelon in MOB/COB.

Naval Nurses will work in Camp Bastion/Kandahar (for Afghan theatre, obviously), but not frontline
ahhh i see, heard of them jumping out the back of helicopters to do casevacs, assumed there might be more of a front line role for them.

alfred_the_great whats black serpent? and where can i find this DIN?
Ah right, do the navy play any kind of similar role? Or is it down to the raf to pull em out by air and such? I know I sound like all I'm bothered about is the gucci stuff but I'm just interested to know how different Nurses in the forces are to NHS?
Amazing article!

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