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Hi, I'm new here so go easy.

I'm thinking of joining as a Nursing Officer. I've trawled through the RR archives and the RN website. I've found lots of useful information but I still have a couple of questions.

Are the RN recruiting Nursing Officers at the moment, or likely to be doing so in the next 12 months? Is the Golden Hello still available for specialist theatre nurses?

I'm currently working in the Channel Islands so nipping down to the local AFCO isn't an option until I'm back in the UK in May.



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Hi there, not sure about your question re recruitment. But i live in Guernsey so i can help re ACLO. Phone them up, they will be really helpful, i can give you the number if you need it, you need to speak to the one in Plymouth. They will arrange to come over to your island to see you! Which island are you on by the way?

Honestly though, give them a ring, or even just ring the main RN number and they will direct you where to go. No commitment needed just give them a ring and have a chat and they will forward you all the documentation regarding your possible chosen career path!

Best of luck!


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Welcome to Rum ration.

So far as I'm aware we aren't recruiting qualified Nurses at present, however: PM inbound with the details of the person to talk to for definitive guidance for Medical Officers.
I don't know if you've had a look at joining recently, but given the number of Nursing Officers that seem to be leaving at the moment it is well worth trying.
Agree wholeheartedly with Chill Pill!! Mass exodus currently... overseas deployments(Afghan etc) averaging at 2 yearly. They are actively after ITU/A&E (with Golden Handshake). Not sure re theatres, but definitely call. Go via MOD Operator UK and ask for HN Naval Base, then Recruiting Office (Medical/Nursing/Dental)in Victory Building. Nursing officer and rating both working there. Or check RCN jobs bulletin for number.
Worth a try!
Thanks for the encouragement. I've received all the bumph. I'm planning on trying to get a visit to MDHU Portsmouth when I'm home at the beginning of May and then applying from there. Deployments don't bother me, I'm up for a bit of excitement.
Great!! Forgot to bring the number home from work, but u should get through ok.
I went to Afghan last year - fantastic experience.Its your attitude and what u make of it that makes it enjoyable. Just to be able to make a difference in a country with such probs.
Get back on forum if you get stuck - as I can find out/pull strings?
I thought it worth mentioning that although there is the 'excitement' of a deployment, you will inevitably end up working in a National Health Service hospital. Essentially it might seem that you are swapping your civvi uniform for a Navy uniform. This can be off-putting, especially as you might be expected to work on a ward when you are a specialist in another area like theatres or ITU. This is done quite deliberately to give you the opportunity to develop your Naval admin and management, because the Navy already knows that you are clinically up to the job. I've done several jobs that appear to have been a waste of time, but when you scratch beneath this the thin veneer of 'what a waste of time' you find that you have learnt a lot of valuable skills.

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