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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by daffy1, May 19, 2010.

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  1. Just after a bit of heads up. My Girlfriend is soon to start her job as a critical care nurse at Manchester Royal, but is considering joing the RNR as a nurse ideally critical care. She has her diploma in nursing and will soon be resistered but she dont have a degree. Now she is thinking of doing a few years experience before going down the RNR route. What are her options ?, we are going to go down the AFCO this weekend so just after a little bit of info before we go down.

  2. Whereabouts do you live? Assuming Manchester?

    Why not give HMS Eaglet a call.. that'll be your nearest Unit. If you're thinking that she needs experience first, I wouldn't worry about that. Whatever happens, she'll have to go through the new entry training program, which will take the first year or so anyway..
  3. Entry into the QARNNS(R) is based on civilian qualifications and your good lady should have a copy of her nursing CV so a decision can be made on suitability for entry into that branch. The AFCO may not have the expert knowledge regarding nurses as they don't come through the door very often - if they have any issues get them to get in touch with the NPT(Res) Requirements Manager who will be able to point them in the right direction of how to process her. A recent change in the regulations means that if she does get accepted into the RNR as soon as she has passed the 2 week New Entry course at Raleigh and is allocated to the QARNNS branch she will be promoted at the same time to Acting Leading Hand, confirmation is awarded once the Leading Hands Command Course has been completed.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Daffy1
    I sit in the office next door to the NPT Res Req manager, if you have any snags getting hold of him, PM me.
    Kind regards
  5. IIRC critical care is one of the clinical fields the RNRMB is actively recruiting in. AFCO will not have the expert knowledge for either nursing or the reserve.

    PM me if you want me to put you in touch with some existing QARNNS(R) nurses.


    (DOI - RNR MO)
  6. Anyone ever wonder why nobody pays any attention to rank any more..? You have one person with a rank and no service time vs someone else with 20 years service who can't get on a promotion list.

    Why should they get promoted any sooner than anyone else??
  7. Despite what Bunts4ever has said, this is not new. I am fairly sure this is related to nurses being professionally qualified & also to the need for nurses to have some authority over those they are nursing.

  8. Go bitch at all the Tiff's, those buggers got all the way PO without lifting a finger!!
  9. I have just asked my missus and your point is exactly the reason. :)

    And on the actual ward, it is a tradition that you are always one rank above the person you are attending to.
  10. I thought one had to have 18 months seniority as AB1 before one could be made ALH?
  11. A decision was taken several years ago to put all nurses on to common terms of service in the three services and their reserves (which caused ructions in the TA as they had been commissioning all of their nurses, while the other five services all required 2y nursing seniority before being eligible, and started any qualified nurse with less than that as LNN/Cpl) - as such, they're not subject to the same terms of service as the non-nursing RNR, and rules such as needing seniority as an AB may not apply.


    (DOI - have active experience of going on to common terms of service as MOs went on them about 18 months earlier; it had all sorts of odd consequences such as us getting an annual pay increment before the rest of the reserve as we are on the same ToS as the regulars)
  12. Thanks for the answers people, she starts her job in a couple off weeks and has been told that she will be topping her her qual to a degree at the begining of next year (fingers crossed) so she thinking of going to full time once i get back in the mob.
  13. Nah, more fun to listen to them bitching about how no-one pays any attention to them, despite the rank they hold!! :)

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