Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Achmed, Jun 9, 2008.

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  1. There seems to be a magnetic attraction between Royal & Nurses....over the years i have had more than the standard ration!! whats the ugliest, fattest & roughest you ve shagged?

    The worsed I have had was about 22st and from St Austel, she was in training in plymouth....several stella's later i was steaming into it like a man posesed.

    one of the fun things we did was grease her armpit up and id shag it ( it was stinking down on haddock central she was on big style) whilst pulling my c0ck in & out it was like the Jap's sawing a whales blubber. when she sucked me off she was dribbiling like a mong eating ice cream.. i decided get it over and done with turned her over, pulled out the tampon, johnny on...straigh in...she was fcuking gopping.....I stayed for breakfast..being in the laire of a fat bint there was plenty of i shagged her again just before she went on duty.

    edited to add: i remember the state of the sheets, it was like the bottom of a slaughter house floor, and the distinctive smell of dried blood, sweat...oh she gushed like "HMS Havoc" on a wet training day so you had fanny batter molded into the sheet........... :whew: :tp:

    Whats your worse nurse Oppo!!
  2. That is without doubt the worst, stomach-turning dit I have ever had the displeasure of reading/hearing. But I was so fascinated I had to read it right to the end. You dirty, filthy b**tard! :pukel:
  3. [quote="Achmed" Whats your worse nurse Oppo!![/quote]

    Not being a Royal I actually married a nurse! She was and is the best thing that ever happened to me; we met 43 years ago. :highfive:
  4. Not being a Royal I actually married a nurse! She was and is the best thing that ever happened to me; we met 43 years ago. :highfive:[/quote]

    My First Wife was a Nurse also........but not the best thing that happend unfortunatly, but her friend was :thumright:
  5. Strange that Achmed - all the Nurses I've "met" have been stunning. Honest!!!

  6. The Stella Stunna's!, but why do you always remember the gopping ones!!
  7. That Was a spectacular read. Well worth the 2 minutes of my life. I remember the days of armpit shagging. It was yesterday.
  8. Hahahaha ******* hoofin!
  9. Bingo wing [email protected]
  10. Stella Stunnas? Thats the key! Just stay drunk and they'll always look great.

  11. A delightful young lady from QA in Portsmouth. Snookered on the pink due to a poorly positioned red. Went for the brown and potted. Not a looker by any stretch, slightly(??!??) overweight but definitely no armpit shagging. Loved the jolly old thing. No breakfast though, so never went back.

    As with SF, all the others I've met have been reasonable+.
  12. I do have a particular weakness for Welsh nurses for some reason.... :rendeer:
  13. Was getting bl*wn by an Ozzie nurse in some bloke's doorway in Torpoint. Thought I was being discrete until said bloke opened his front door and said "Look, will you people PLEASE leave!".
    Some people have no sense of timing.
  14. There should be a law against that sort of thing .. the interruption, not the eruption!

  15. Think the council should provide special fenced off areas for the use of illicit nursey goings-on!
  16. As a male nurse all i can say is none of you feckers better come sniffing round my back door
  17. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You were probably leaning against the intercom and he could hear everything... :oops: :wink:
  18. Teehee :thumright:
  19. On dark gloomy evening after several guiness at the local bowl of RAF Wittering i went back with what could only be described as an festively plump Crab nurse, having got the obligertory BJ out of the way i bent her over my smaller than the average single bed were i was presented with the overwhelming smell of last nights fish supper, i decided as any self respeciting matelot would... Dived straight into the brown.....

    After what was probably the longest drunken a*se bashing known i stated to get quite a funky smell of S*ite but without a bother though i carried one and once finished she firmly got a size 9 steaming bat up the rear end and off i went for some good kip....

    Next morniing i woke up to the disgusting smell of crab shi*e being still very much worse for wear i stumbled across to my sink to find i had obviously popped for a quick wash in the middle of the night and must have rubbed the entire contents of her bowel that found its way onto my bell end and put it all over my mirror....

    Was not a pleasent thing to clean off i tell you now
  20. nurses - where

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