Nurses face sack over cups of tea

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Dec 30, 2006.

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  1. This is really over the top. Especially as so much tea/coffee is thrown away because many patients refuse it.

    Bet the hospital administrators and managers don't pay for their coffee, wines and business lunches
  2. Yeah, cos it is cold by the time the lazy mares' get off their tea breaks and finaly get it to them :lol:
  3. Would you drink tea made for patients with MRSA, etc! I suspect most of the staff drink their own beverages.
  4. If it is not Yorkshire tea grown and harvested in the Yorkshire Dales it aint real tea.

    Death by eating food hospital is wrote on many a medical report.
  5. Lazy trouts should be made to "take ownership" of the wards in which they work and do a bit of cleaning and bed changing instead of shleping around when they can be bothered or sitting drinking crap tea and coffee.
  7. in my local hospital, the cleaning staff make the drinks on the wards

  8. You have obviously never worked on a busy Ward!Very often there is no time even to have your dinner breaks!!!I'll bet a pound to a pinch of shit youd be the first to moan if you lost your Stand Easy!!!
  9. My son was taken to Reading Hospital after a rugby injury. He was kept in overnight and operated on nect day.The ward staff were excellent and I certainly would not grudge them a tea or coffee at hospital expense
  10. Is it not a fact that since "nurses" stopped cleaning the wards etc MRSA and other so called superbugs have taken over our once fine hospitals?
    When my wife went into Derriford to give birth to our third I flashed and took her home because the room she was put into was filthy! I am talking about dried Idon'tknowwhat on the floor and walls. The nurses (the obvious first point of call) couldn't give a rats fcuk and told me so.
    So don't talk to me about "NOT BITING" or whatever it was or about "never been in a busy ward" because as far as i'm concerned they need a kick up the arse. I am NOT against them having breaks, everybody deserves and even NEEDS a break during the day/shift. What I AM against is what I said in my initial post.
    Like it or lump it, its MY opinion and I am thoroughly entitled to it.

    So there ;)
  11. So,the 2 trained Nurses on my missuses Care of the Elderly ward should do the cleaning?Who will do the Drug rounds,dressing changes,paperwork taking care of Emergencies???Yes in days of old the Cleaning was done by Nurses,that has now ceased thanks to Govt intervention,not by the Nurses saying sod the cleaning!!When i worked at Haslar we had 6+ nurses and MA's on each shift,there wont be a general ward in UK that will have that number of trained staff!The deterioration of Ward cleanliness has got sod all to do with Nurses!It has been taken out of their hands,and of course given the dire straits that the NHS is in the contract goes to the cheapest tender!If you have a beef with the cleanliness of wards then take it up with the Hospital Management!

    MRSA has been around for a long time,unfortunatly misuse of Antibiotics have made it even more virulent.The only way to stop Hospital infections would be to ban Visitors and disinfect patients at the point of entry!You dont build a hospital which comes complete with MRSA,over 75% of the poulation are MRSA carriers!
  12. Lamri you could of got you pussers blue out and helped to cleanship, or are you above that.

  13. I refer the honourable gentleman to my previous answer
  14. Naval hospitals and sick bays were a special case when it comes to cleaning. The cleaning was done by the patients. I remember the Doc on Eagle giving me light duties sickbay after I tore the ligaments in my ankle. I was told that I was to keep off the foot as much as possible. Two days later I requested to the Doc that he put me light duties part of ship. no way would the SBAs allow me to rest the ankle. I was on it cleaning the ward from morn till night.
  15. In Haslar there were "Up Patients" who did various chores,bits of cleaning ,fetching the ward victuals,doing the teas etc.In days of yore they even had to wear an "up Patients" uniform!
  16. That still went on in 1985 when Hasler did my hernia repair (fantastic job no problems since) I was in and out quickly though so was never elevated to up patient status. I was also a civie at the time (on terminal leave) so possibly wouldn't have been tasked. Hasler great hospital and I was treated well during my five days or so as an in patient.
  17. Nurses work so damn hard, some people don't realise at all. I remember one nurse who looked after me being there when i went to sleep at night and when i woke up again in the morning, all night she'd been doing paperwork, checking up on me and the rest of the ward (all sidewards) and doing all the other general nursey stuff- which there's a lot of, even at night. She was an absolute fucking star, they all were. I couldn't do their job for all the money in the world, and they don't get a great deal of money, not for what they do. And the lower down the pay scale you get, the worse the jobs get.
    Taking a cup of tea from the hot drink trolley is so petty i can't even say. How much does a cup of tea cost, i mean, really decent tea like Earl Grey? And the tea provided for the patients isn't particularly good stuff and it's bought in bulk. It costs virtually nothing. I should think the biggest reason the nurses have been taking tea from there is because it's faster than boiling their own kettle because they have no time to have breaks!
    Nurses are stars, i wouldn't begrudge any of them something so simple as a drink.
  18. Right. I'm Fucking biting here!!

    Christmas day night shift, Physche patient kicking off in A&E over wanting to see her notes and verbally abusing (and almost physically) the sister in charge. Frequent physical abuse by patients, lack of support by the hierachy and to top it all the media frequently portraying the NHS as shite which puts morale at rock bottom!! Yes A&E and wards do get dirty but the GOVERNMENT should provide technicians that are allowed to clean everything including electrical equipment and obs machines which if people are not aware, they are not allowed to clean anything electrical. I'm sorry people on here have had bad experiences but i know the staff at my local A&E well and when the shit hits the fan and i put in a trauma call they are there for me!! The nurses work bloody hard with the resources that they have. E.G New year, ambulance trollies backed up down the corrider with not enough obs machines to deal with the backlog. Ambulance crews (including myself) doing obs for them because there isn't enough staff and to top it all theres the usual selfish pisshead who wants to be treated first because he has a cut hand!! If your not satisfied write to your MP, but in the meantime give the staff a break, which includes a brew from time-time during the day!!

  19. both snaps an nutty are right........much respect due.....cousin and her hubby are nhs...shes a doc, he's a paramedic.....i understand the hard work that goes on, the problems that exist.......and this tea thing is just soooo fecking stupid it's beyond belief
  20. Thanks jesse. It just makes my fucking blood boil when people drip about this. I can also say that GP's and NHS "Re-direct" are as bad. They get a call or go around to see the Patient, shit themselves over nothing and call for an ambulance because believe it or not ladies and gentlemen most of the GP's that i've met in my work are SHITE and dont deserve the money that they earn!! This then causes a backlog of patients, which in turn puts more pressure on the staff, and guess what? The wards etc dont get cleaned as frequently as they should be. And to cap it all the nurses dont get time to breathe let alone sit and have a brew!!

    Pissed off from the midlands

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