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  1. A group of nuns who lived in a convent way out in the bush, were out and
    about one day when they came upon an old bicycle.

    Thinking that it would a nice way for the nuns to get some regular
    exercise, the Head Nun allowed the bike to be taken back to their convent.

    In time, all the Nun's had a chance to use the bicycle and it soon became
    quite popular among all of them. Indeed, it became so popular that the head
    Nun had to draw up a schedule so all the nuns could have a chance at using
    the bike. Very soon, however, much quarrelling began whenever someone rode
    the bicycle outside of their rostered time or if someone else rode it for
    longer than was necessary.

    Seeing how much fuss the bike was causing, the Head Nun called a meeting
    and said to all her flock:

    "Sisters, I would expect you all to be more controlled about the bicycle.
    If I hear of any more bickering I'll have no choice but to put the seat back on." ;-)

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