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Nun and the Cab Driver

This nun was on the street trying to flag down a cab. Finally after standing on the curb for 5 minutes one pulls over. As she got into the taxi and it took off the Cabby looked in the mirror and started laughing.

"Whats so funny?" the nun asked.

"Well, I've always had this fantasy about a nun giving me a blowjob."

The nun thinks for a second and says "Well if I do this, you have to be single and a Christian."

"Well shit I'm both." said the cabby. So they pull over and she does her thing. As he took off again onto the road The nun noticed the cabby crying.

"Whats wrong, you just had your fantasy come true?"

"Well I lied." said the cabby.

"What do you mean," she said.

"Well I'm jewish and I'm married."

"Well that's O.K., because my name is Scott and I'm Luthran

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