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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by shag_shacker, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. at this very moment there are 124 people on the site, 9 members and 115 visitors.

    now although this is a effin good site i dont believe that the high number of lookers can only be curious matelots.

    who are these phantom matelots and what are they doing
  2. something is definitely going on - the number of visitors has been going up and down by 20-30 evry minute or so for the last 5 minutes

    what the fukc is happening
  3. Maybe you need to do something else with your time?

    I once filed for conspiracy. The title was 'Where does the water go when I water my plants'. Was it being stolen by MI5?
  4. iam currently doing a freebie poker scam online and watching the red tw8ts stick it up the eyeties,
  5. I know its boring at Culdrose, But you must have something better to do?
  6. i aint at culdrose - f*ck me that would be boring - im at sunny sultan
  7. Ah, but visitors may be members - just not signed in!
  8. ahh so there just lazy and also ripping off my extremely funny, witty and daring sea/war dits as their own
  9. Search engines spidering the site

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