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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Zigzag, May 6, 2011.

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  1. Basically just received a whole load of new info from the AFCO, some of which was totally new to me (which is fair given they were answers to questions I asked) and some of which contradicts some info I thought I knew to be correct.

    Guess I should give an over view of where I am currently at with my application. Aiming to join as an Observer (wanted to be a pilot but told that is probable no go). Passed everything up to and including the medical test (which I passed in the last few days).

    Been told that the AFCO is waiting to get the results of my medical test by some time next week, and they will then get in contact with me to arrange my fitness test. This is where my first few questions arise:

    Now my understanding is that once they get in contact I have 7 days to arrange my fitness test within 28 days. Now does that mean that if I arrange it on the 7th day I can do it 28 days after that? or is it 28 days total?

    My second question also relates to the fitness test. Now my understanding was that the time needed for the 2.4km run was for my age group (being 19) was something like 12m28s, however following my recent conversation with the AFCO he told me I would need to do it in 11m13s, I thought that was the time needed when you started training? Has it changed or does he simply want me to be at the fitness level ready for training?

    The AFCO also said that even if I got my fitness and sift done asap I would still struggle to get onto the AIB in September (obviously I would love to get it turned around as quickly as possible but I appreciate that these things take time) but I would most probably get on the one after that. Does anyone know roughly when the next AIB will be after the September one?

    I have made a couple of bookmarks of useful posts with regards to both the sift interview and the AIB, but if anyone has any suggestions on some key posts I should read up on I would appreciate the help.

    I apologise if this is rather a long post, but I wanted to give as good an overview as I could with regards to my current situation.

    Thanks in advance to any help given :)
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Book within 7 days of receipt, take within 28 days of receipt.


    AIBs occur roughly each week. BRNC start dates occur in Sept, Jan & April/May
  3. Ok so lets say hypothetically 28 days from now I do my fitness test and pass, my sift interview is likely to be 1-2 weeks after that (according to my AFCO), when am I likely to have my AIB?
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It depends whether you pass the Sift Interview, whether you pass FATs & whether you are then ready to take AIB.

    It's theoretically possible to pass Sift within 2-4 weeks of passing PJFT, but available Aircrew training places are pretty much filled with applicants who have already passed AIB. May 2012 is the next (theoretically) anticipated aircrew entry.

    An AIB pass is only valid 12 months, so it's entirely possible you may not be sent on AIB until the beginning of next year.
  5. So realistically I should be looking at around a year or so until I would start my training? My AFCO said my first choice should be as an Observer over a WO as I would start training quicker as an Observer, I guess time is all relative though. If you know the time scale for a WO from now until AIB and/or training that would be a great help.
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Observers are still being processed, Pilots tend to be put on hold until next year.

    Assuming you refer to Warfare Officer (WO is generally the common abbreviation for Warrant Officer) there are probably still vacancies in January 2012 I'd guess.

    When you undergo Sift, all realistic timescales at that time will be advised by the interviewing Officer.
  7. Yes sorry I was referring to the Warfare Officer. Maybe I wont totally write off that route then.

    Based on what your saying about Pilots being put on hold until next year does that mean, in theory, that that option isn't totally closed off to me? The AFCO implied that joining as a Pilot at the moment is highly unlikely, but if I passed everything and was willing to wait for a start date (regardless f the time I would have to wait) could that be a possible option for me then?
  8. FFS ZigZag. Talk about being spoonfed. Would the AFCO lie to you or is it just that you aren't hearing what you want to hear from them and hope that by coming on here you will be told different. Then say to the AFCO, "I was told on RR that.........."

    I can't shout any louder.
  9. Typical growbag wannabe, getting everybody else to run around for them!!! :)
  10. I would point out that no information I read on this forum would I take as gospel. It may appear as though I am being passive during this process however I would like to point out that I have put these questions forward to my AFCO and in the most part I did in fact get clear and concise answers. However some aspects he was reasonably vague on, for example stating that timescales we can get to when we come to it (which I fully understand and respect), which is why I looked for another source of knowledge and found this website, with the hope that some people on here have a practical understand on some of the finer details of how the process works, which I confess I clearly don't.

    As to not hearing what I want to hear, I had resigned myself to the fact that I would not get in as an Pilot as a result of the SDSR, which is why I did not push my AFCO for any info and as such put my choices down as Observer and Warfare Officer. However that is not to say that I no longer wish to be a Pilot. So when Ninja_Stoker implied they would be put on hold until next year, I simply wished for them to elaborate on the point. I apologise if what he/she said peaked my interested and I wanted to understand fully what he/she meant.
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It simply means that potentail pilots are not being processed beyond Sift. AIB is valid 12 months, so those willing to wait & hope things may change at a future unknown date can do just that, but there's no promise of an iminent change. hence the deliberately vague answer by your AFCO - we simply don't know.
  12. God! Zigzag I hope you don't make pilot.

    Clear - concise you are not. If I was sitting in an aircraft listening to you pontificate upon the minute detail, the job wouldn't get done before the fuel would have run out.

    What ever happened conciseness?

    We don't want to listen to 'well basically, in a nutshell, hypothetically speaking' simple 'yes' 'no' clipped precise unambiguous replies. If you want to dissect everything - try the medical world!!!
  13. That's good to know. Saves me wasting my time giving good information and advice.

    The word you are after is 'piqued'. It means 'stimulated', though don't take that as gospel.
  14. Some specialities are suited to pontificators, some are not. Neurologists tend to pontificate wildly - mainly because the conditions they see are all named after someone (which means we know little about it), are almost all treated with steroids, and are almost all invariably fatal.
  15. Waspie I fail to see how I was pontificating given that I never claimed to know everything about the subjects which I asked to get some information on. In fact surely by its very nature asking questions is the antithesis of pontificating? I Would also point that by Ninja-Stoker's own admission nobody really knows the answers, as such there is a need to talk in vague hypothetical terms, surely?

    Joe_Crow are you saying that you would prefer it if everything that you wrote down on this forum I took as fact? When I said I wouldn't take what I read as gospel I implied I wouldn't follow it with blind faith, that does not mean that I would discard everything that is told to me. After all if that were the case, what would be the point in coming to this website and asking questions in the first place? You may well give "good information and advice" but I would be a fool to believe that without any proof.

    Thank you for alerting me to my mistake Joe_Crow it was much appreciated.
  16. But maybe not so long winded!
  17. Maybe. I simply wanted to make sure I didn't miss out any key bits of information, I apologise, next time I shall make an effort to be clearer.
  18. Not clearer - shorter.
  19. Actually, unless I preface a statement with a caveat, such as "I think..." or "I believe...", then yes, I would prefer it if you take everything I write on here as fact.

    No problem.
  20. So if you have,Ponsonby Hyphen Smythe Syndrome,you get killed with steroids,by a wild pontificater?

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