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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Jimbo3188, Nov 18, 2006.

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  1. What did the punishment "number 9's" involve?

    Did any other punishments have numbers???


  2. No 9 punishment was basically stoppage of leave and 2 hours extra work. Normally awarded as either 7 or 14 days. If ashore to prove you were on board you had to muster at the various times of the day. Normally first muster would be 0600. Last muster 2200 plus lots in between. The two hours extra work was normally carried out in the dogs.
    Worse bit was you were also banned from using the NAAFI so couldn't get a beer.
    If you missed a muster more days 9s could be added.
  3. When undergoing No 9's you also had a kit muster every day. If you had No 7's it was the same as 9's but without the kit muster. Now if you were given No 1's you had a problem - It was the death penalty.
  4. No 9s stoppage of leave, pay and Tot.
    No10s, stoppage of leave.
    No14s two hours extra work
    there was also second class for conduct
    Second class for leave, but i dont know whay numbers they were.

    There will be some skate on here no doubt who will be able to rattle them all off.

    Initially when they brought in fines they cocked that up as well, 14 days No 9s, plus £50 fine. so 14 days pay plus £50 thats justice for you, Army. Air Force get £50 fine, ah yes the good old days (my arse)
  5. Hig ogt 7 days No1's!He told me !
  6. As a leading hand on Killicks course at Daedalus I ended up with 10 days 10s along with 2 of my classmates for cheeking the class leader (also a killick) I referred to him as a Maltese git and he took offense at it (calling me a Geordie git seemingly didn't carry the same penalties).
    This was about 1967 and the race relations act was just coming into force. We made the front page of the Telegraph.
    Said class leader walked to his married quarter in the company of a killick crusher for the rest of his time on the course
  7. Under article 39 of QRs&AIs. usual for excessive and repeated lateness a man could in lieu of detention be sentenced to 7;14;21 or 28 days No 9s.

    He would report to the duty PO at 0600 for work usually cleaning ships brasswork. Breakfast 0700.
    Report to duty PO at 1700 work on ship preparing for rounds at 1930.
    all defaulters fall in at 2200. And so to bed.
    You can guess he wasn't going ashore either.
  8. In 20 years I've never done a days puns. Mind you, I've still got 2 to go so I still need to keep my head down.
  9. In the 60's/70's before fines arrived.

    If you were adrift

    First hour or any part of that hour, 2 days pay 2 days leave. Then each successive hour or any part of that hour 1 days pay one days leave. I am not sure what the top end was.

    If the boat/ship was under sailing orders then all doubled up.

    i.e in first case if you were 2 hours and 4 minutes late coming aboard then it would be 4 days pay and 4 days leave. Double that if you were under sailing orders. This statement would always be made when leave was first piped.

  10. As a babby tiff at Collingrad I got 14 dats 9s and a 20 quid fine for direct disobedience - I didn't get a hair cut for divisions - a run to Ryde seemed much more important.
  11. What do you mean no. 9's was a punishment!

    It still is!!!!
  12. Of course, you also had DQs, which is now Colchester.

    My mate got sent there for going on the trot. When he arrived they asked him if he wanted to appeal, to which he replied that he did, so they let him go. Funnily enough no one saw him for another couple of months.

    Then you had warrant punishments which used to be given in front of the offenders peers and colleagues. Now these take place behind closed doors so as not to humiliate the offender.

    If you do the crime, you should do the time.
  13. I can remember No 9's, got 14 days during Chef training at HMS Pembroke in 1973, for trying board a train in London with a doctored ticket, (I decided I didn't want to go where the warrant was for , so altered the name on the ticket, it was written on, but, unfortunately I didn't do it very well.

    Anyway, Used to have to get up early to be at the main gate for 7:00 for a bit of cannon and bell polishing, then in the evening would be sent to the main Galley for a session in the sink.

    Saturday afternoons used to be down the main gate again working for the QM's basically making thear tea and watching telly.

    Sundays I think were just musters no extra work.

    HI Dixie_gooner recognise that badge


  14. I remember that it also included rifle drill and work/drill at mid-day (you got a half hour for a meal) but that's about it. It could, however, get worse - if placed on Second Class for Conduct, a warrant punishment, you kicked off with 21 days No 9 before reverting to No 10 for the remainder of the punishment. No time was stipulated - once awarded Second Class for conduct, you could remain under it for 90 days (minimum 21 days) but, strangely you could be removed at any time for an act of bravery or valour - not a lot of chance of that at Brawdy in '59!
  15. ha ha ha
    Ohhhhhh no its not.
    The lads look at number 9's these days as "just being grounded"
  16. I though I read somewhere on RR he'd done 14 days No.1s, or am I getting muddled up with him wearing No.1 14 days on the trot? :lol:

    Thank's Slim for correcting me on reduction of pay on being reduced from 1st to 2nd class. Can I ever trust a history book again? :lol:

    Jimmy... is that possible... no pun ever in 20 years... not even press-ups as a nozzer for backchat? I must write to McWhirter and have your name entered into the Guiness Book of Records... No, he won't believe you either. :wink: :lol:

  17. Oh yeah, of course I got the press-ups/run around/clip round the ear and all that, and I've dropped myself in the brown and stinky a few times but somehow I've managed to avoid formal puns/fines. Never been trooped but that's not to say it won't happen, after all I've still got 812 days to go. Not that I'm counting!
  18. In that case you deserve a medal. The Jankers Free Medal of Merit! In your case with bar and oak leaves and a free daily tot for life at Her Majesty's expense! That would be an incentive! :wink: :D

  19. Thanks matey but they've already given me the medal. The Long Service and Good Conduct medal for 15 years undetected crime.
  20. hey jimmy like the dit - Heard they'd gone soft but not that soft! Your surname ain't Windsor is it? (set of sticky out ears maybe?)

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